Student events committee at University of Denver offers free fun for students

By Anna Gauldin, Hannah Gilham and Katy Owens

The University of Denver Programming Board, also known as DUPB, organizes affordable and enjoyable events for students on campus, ranging from homecoming to concerts to movie nights.

DUPB’s goal is “fun, free entertainment for students,” according to Richard Maez, the co-chair of the DUPB Traditions committee. According to Maez, DUPB is one of the largest student organizations on campus and seeks to provide programming for all students, whatever their major, year or interests.

DUPB Committee Responsibilities
The programming board is made up of six committees, which plan a variety of events and programs for DU students. The committees are Traditions, Films, Special Events, Concerts, Late Night and University Programming Support.

“That’s why we have the six committees, so we have a variety of events going on, and that’s why we try to do different things throughout the year and year to year,” said co-chair of DUPB, Ryan Schultz.

The six committees are responsible for planning a number of events throughout the year, and each committee has been delegated specific responsibilities. They come together to form DUPB and provide the programming students have come to expect as regular parts of their college experience.

An example of this is the Films committee, whose primary function is to put on a free movie night every Thursday night in Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall.

These films are typically early-release movies that haven’t yet been released on DVD to the general public. A few early-release films showed this quarter included “The Avengers,” “Brave” and “Ted.”

The Films committee of DUPB gives out free popcorn every Thursday night during its free movie event.

During these movie nights, the Films committee also provides free popcorn and holds a raffle for prizes, ranging from snacks and candy to stuffed animals and games.

“Films is a very special committee, because they co-program with a lot of other student organizations,” said Maez.

For example, during the “Ted” movie night, the Films committee co-programmed with DUPB Late Night to provide free breakfast burritos from Illegal Pete’s to students.

“Really it’s about, since we don’t have classes on Friday, getting students to come out and have a good time and watch a film,” said Maez.

Traditions at DU
The primary goal of DUPB is to offer inclusive programming that offers something interesting and enjoyable for every student, according to Schultz. They also plan events that have come to be known as traditions in the Pioneer community.

The Traditions board plans three major events, which include homecoming, Winter Carnival and May Days, sometimes referred to as the “big three.”

These are some of the most popular events on campus, and many have large student turnouts. Traditions co-programs with other DUPB committees to bring in a variety of bands and food vendors, plan games, show films and have an event for everyone.

Robby Schechter performed at Unplugged, a DUPB Late Night event, on Nov. 2.

Another important DUPB committee is Late Night, which puts on regular programs such as Unplugged and Trivia Night. These events are typically held in the Sidelines Pub on the DU campus. This committee’s focus is providing alternative programming for students who prefer to stay on campus during the weekends.

According to Schultz, DUPB is technically a part of the Undergraduate Student Government and was originally comprised of senators. However, according to Schultz, senators weren’t the best event planners, so the programming board was formed.

“We’re a student organization; we’re run by students,” said Schultz. “We’re advised by Campus Activities, so they have a lot of input in what we do to make sure we are providing good events for students.”

DU is a diverse campus with a wide range of students and interests. DUPB’s goal is to cater to these interests, providing, as Schultz puts it, “inclusive, entertaining, inexpensive events for students.”

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