International students dominate University of Denver tennis team

At the University of Denver, athletes come from all over the world to wear crimson and gold with Pioneer pride.  The tennis team is a great example of the diversity within the athletics program at DU.

Emma Isberg mentions that the tennis team consists of athletes from “Sweden, Austria, Germany, U.S.A., and we’re having two girls coming in in January, one from Wales and one from England”.

With so many different nationalities being represented on the DU tennis team, it creates both challenges and unique opportunities for the athletes.  Caroline Schnell brings up the point that communication between the teammates and coaches is often difficult due to some language barriers.  However, they are still able to maintain a tight-knit relationship as a team and are thus able to overcome these difficulties.

Caroline Schnell is the only American on the University of Denver tennis team

The diversity of the DU women’s tennis team provides the teammates with insights on cultures other than their own and provides them with bonding experiences as a result.  Schnell describes it as, “I get to learn so much about their different countries and learn about their homes, and I’ll have people to visit once I’m done [with college]”.

Although the tennis team is not the only athletic team at DU that recruits members from outside of the United States, they certainly may be the most diverse of any of the teams.

Since the tennis team is so small, it does seem to make it slightly easier for the players to overcome the language barrier in the locker room.  Isberg says that, “since we are such a small team it actually makes it easier for us to get to know each other and get along really well”.  Schnell continues by mentioning that, “we’re such a small group that…instead of a large team like a lacrosse team or soccer team, everybody here is at the same level”.

Tennis balls to be used for practice in the women’s locker room

Isberg points out that recently head coach Jeremy Wurtzman implemented a new rule for communication amongst the team.  This new rule is simply that all of the team members must speak the same language to one another on team trips or during practices to avoid confusion and promote respectfulness in the locker room.

Language barriers or not, the DU women’s tennis team certainly has a group of devoted athletes who act as a family rather than a team.  Although the members of their team stem from all over the globe, they are all still able to grasp their team’s dynamics and put forth a solid effort on the tennis courts for the Pioneers.

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  • Katy Owens
    Katy Owens says:

    You guys got the story across very clearly with this video. All the b-roll of practice was great, and I’m glad you shot interviews in the weight room to get more diversity. I would have placed the interviewees somewhere else on the screen, having them look into the empty space instead of away from it, if that makes sense. The close-up shots of tennis balls were great, and it was good you got off-campus and shot b-roll of their room with the pictures on the wall too. Great job, I didn’t realize there were so many international students so I learned a lot from this story!

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