DU emptied for Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, 2012, the University of Denver revealed itself to be a lonely campus on the national holiday. Jerusalem’s, the only open business in the DU area, thrived despite the lacking student population.

Flyer for Thanksgiving celebration at Vista apartments.

Every year, DU purges the dorms of the majority of undergraduate students for winter break, and locks the doors until January.Although the rest of the Univeristy remains open during the rest of winter break, every office shuts its doors during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Unfortunately, this leaves some students alone to celebrate Thanksgiving as best they can.

Because most businesses close for Thanksgiving, students often must depend on themselves to recreate the family affair at home, a restaurant, or forget about the holiday altogether.

The Vista Apartment Complex opened the common area for a makeshift Thanksgiving dinner available to its tenants.  Other students decided to make dinner themselves at each other’s home.

However, one establisment remained open and packed with customerss  like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Jerusalem’s, a DU legend and student staple boasts having been open everyday for the past 35 years, including all holidays.

.According to Mazel Akaswad, the Night Manager of Jerfusalem’s restaurant, “Our customers require us to stay open duting the holidays, because they love our food.”

A normally packed Starbucks lies completely empty.

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