DU seniors gear up for new challenges

University of Denver seniors take advantage of their time left on campus.

University of Denver seniors take advantage of their time left on campus.

University of Denver seniors are entering down unknown paths ahead. Some students seem to have it all figured out when it comes to what is next. However, others dread the constant “question” from relatives, friends and acquaintances about what they plan on doing after they take off their cap and gown.

Employment after graduation

The Career Center at the University of Denver offers an “At-graduation employment report” which displays the statistics for the undergraduates of Spring 2012. It showed that at the time of gradation:

42.6% of students have accepted employment

34.2% are not employed and still seeking employment

23.2% of students are attending graduate school starting in the summer or fall

Of the students who have accepted jobs, 82.5% of them reported that it took them less than six months to secure a job.

Senior Jessica Bondi, majoring in Finance said, “I already have a job with a private bank, where I will utilize the asset management skills that I have developed through my major.”

“I know that I am very lucky to have a job lined up after I graduate, said Bondi. “I feel ready. Its bittersweet, but I do feel ready to be done with college and take on the next challenge. That being said, I am nervous because I know I still have a lot to learn.”

Higher education

For many students, four years of education just isn’t enough. Several DU students are choosing to take their degrees to the next level. Attending graduate school is known for increasing your chances of employment, increasing your salary, and expanding your knowledge.

Part of the application process for grad school involves standardized test taking. DU offers practice exams for the LSAT, MCAT, GRE and the GMAT. Preparatory classes for the GMAT are available free of charge through Daniel’s College of Business.

Sydney Hodgson, a senior majoring in International Studies and French, reflects on her test taking experience and said, “I took the GRE pretty last minute so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to be, but it really wasn’t that scary.”

“I will be doing a one-year MBA program with Daniel’s next year, and after that I will hopefully get a job,” said Hodgson.

“I felt like with my undergrad majors I gained a lot of knowledge, but not the actual skills that will help me in the workplace. I feel like my MBA will make me more marketable to potential employers and also help me make more money in the future,” explained Hodgson.

DU Career Center

DU students utilize the Career Center’s job/internship database to seek the latest opportunities.

DU students utilize the Career Center’s job/internship database to seek the latest employment opportunities.

Not all seniors have a clear vision of the way they want their futures to pan out. The DU Career Center is a very helpful resource for students looking to keep their options open.

The Career center offers one-on-one counseling sessions for students. They also have workshops to help polish up student’s resumes and cover letters. Students are given the opportunity to participate in hour-long mock interviews, followed by a constructive critique.

The focal point of the Career Center is to help students gain employment and internship experience.

During an email interview with Erin Kolar, a senior majoring in International Business with a Marketing minor said, “I have had a multitude of internships and jobs while attending DU. Currently, I am interning for the Denver Art Museum’s marketing department. It has created a lot of valuable connections in the marketing industry and hopefully they will be seeking employment with marketing firms around Denver, or even at the museum.”

An athlete perspective

Senior students on DU sport’s teams have big decisions to make while thinking about life after graduation. Do they continue their passion, or choose to seek other opportunities?

Captain of the DU Hockey Team, Paul Phillips, a senior majoring in Finance said, “I plan on playing professional hockey for as long as I can, and then putting my degree to work in the business world.”

“It’s bittersweet. I have loved my time here and one part of me says I do not want to leave. But the other part says I want to start a new chapter!!” said Phillips.

Jens Vorkefeld, senior on the DU Tennis Team said, “I plan to go back to Germany after I graduate and pursue my Master’s of Education degree.”

“I am planning to keep playing Tennis once I get back, but not for the amount I am playing here right now. I will play league matches for my home club and play a few tournaments to make some money,” said Vorkefeld.  “I will miss being around my teammates here and hanging out with them 24/7. I just love everything here about DU and America, the people, their culture and the atmosphere of being a college student and athlete.”

Emotional goodbyes

Leaving familiar places and faces can stir up many emotions while thinking about the transition to life after DU.

“I get a mixture of feelings when I think about leaving DU…happy, anxious, scared, yet relieved. I am excited to be on my own,” said Kolar. “However those few moments when I’m timid about it, quickly go away and I am excited for the next chapter of my life.”

Hodgson said, “It’s exciting but also nerve racking. I am trying to enjoy college while I still can.”

Vorkefeld ended our interview by saying, “So I do have a tear in my eye when I think about leaving DU and America once and for all, but I also have a little smile on my face at the same time.”

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    I really love this piece! It is very pertinent since most everyone in this class is an upperclassmen, so we all have these things in mind. I like that you put in the service journalism of pointing readers in the right direction of where to find some guidance. Sounds like you had quite a few interviews too, and considering that you have some really great quotes I’d say the interviews went well. Your first picture is very appropriate for this piece cause I feel like it implies the feeling of goodbye and uncertainty of life after college. Overall, good work!

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