University of Denver students dress for success to exercise self-expression

For this slideshow, I wanted to discuss the necessity of dress code—or lack thereof—in the University setting. I am interested in fashion and wanted to apply the topic in a way relevant to the University of Denver. Through these photos, I explain the importance of dressing professionally in the classroom, as well as what is appropriate in the college environment, vs. the desire of students to express themselves and dress in whatever they feel suits them. I interviewed both teachers and students in order to get a broad range of responses and create an unbiased view on the topic.
I took various pictures relating to dress code and the typical wardrobe of a college student. I took pictures of both students and teachers on a school day as well as the environment that these people are interacting in, in order to get a feel of the setting that these outfits are being worn. As well as clothes, I looked at tattoos, hair, etc. in order to demonstrate the other elements of a person’s appearance that may contribute to the general definition of “dress code.” I did my best to stay unbiased in this story by capturing images on both sides of the issue and to communicate the general lack of professionalism in the university environment—for better or for worse. This is a topic I am interested in because I hope to pursue a career in fashion, but it is also a topic relevant to everyone, because as students and teachers we all participate in the overall vibe, appearance, and reputation of the DU community.

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  • Alexandra Wetzler
    Alexandra Wetzler says:

    You did a great job showing the variety of clothing at DU without showing a bias of which is the most appropriate. I like how you showed both the professor’s opinion of what should be worn in class and students’ opinion of expressing themselves. The fact that you showed all the different aspects of college clothing really helps contribute to your story and communicate dress code related issues. Great job!

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