DU seniors gear up for new challenges

This slideshow focuses on what University of Denver senior students plan to do after graduation. It displays the different avenues that students can take. The goal of these photos was to capture the University of Denver in a broad sense. I didn’t want to only focus on seniors planning to go to graduate school. Having different perspectives played an important factor in my story.

I chose to photograph multiple areas of the DU campus for the viewer to get familiar with the setting of the story. I learned that it takes dozens of photos to get the exact image that you are visualizing for the story. I think that my pictures with people in them are more effective in capturing emotion, than my pictures of buildings and books. Next time I would want to make sure that I had a picture of every person that I interviewed, so that I could put a face to more of my quotes. I think that this slideshow adds a lot of life to my issue story.

2 Responses to DU seniors gear up for new challenges

  • Emily Bowman
    Emily Bowman says:

    I love that you included lots of interviews with students, it made it much more personable. However, sometimes there wasn’t enough context, like the slide about the student athlete – where is he from? Also, some of the shots didn’t match the text, like the slide of the geese. All in all, it was a well-rounded look at the topic!

  • Li Zeng
    Li Zeng says:

    I like the photos shot from different angles and with different ways, including both long shot and close-up. It is also a good combination of people and objects. The captions are informative and well organized with various ways of display, clear and interesting.

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