DU Basketball competes off the court

This slideshow focuses on the ways in which athletes on the University of Denver Men’s Basketball prepare for school. The goal of these photos is to show everyone that there are some programs available to help these athletes, but they are generally pressed for time with practice and travel.

The photos that I chose show the student-athletes working in study areas, as well as on couches. I thought being able to show the athletes in the study rooms worked well because it showed that there are programs at the University to help the athletes. I did not like that I was not able to photograph on the road trips. That would have shown the story more in depth. These photos link up with my Issue story because it shows exactly where the athletes go to study after practices.

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  • Paris Norris
    Paris Norris says:

    I enjoyed viewing and learning about the study rooms that are provided for the athletes. I don’t spend a lot of time on campus, aside from attending classes and working on projects, so I have yet to explore the athletics department and all it has to offer the athletes. I also liked how you incorporated pictures of members of the team. The entire slideshow had a lot of rhythm, and overall, I thought it was very intriguing.

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