DU music students in the limelight

The topic of my slideshow is Lamont music students at DU. I am seeking to tell a story about the time constraints and commitments that the music students have in order to achieve their degree and their dreams of becoming working musicians. Due to most of the music students full schedules, I was unable to photograph a lot of people, however the interviewees from my issue story allowed me to photograph them, and I got a few shots of their closed rehearsals. I really wanted to capture the students practicing their instruments and in class. I wasn’t able to take any photographs of them in class, but I did get a few shots of one of the students practicing. I photographed the Newman Center, inside and out, to give a visual of where the Lamont music school is located and the facilities that the music students use. I also attempted to capture a concert that was held on Sunday, January 20, 2013, and although I was able to include one photograph from the concert in my slideshow, because I was shooting with a Kodak Easyshare digital camera, I was unable to obtain a good, clear image from the show.

I found that moving around and using different angles helped me to achieve the best photos. Because my equipment had limited ability, I had to use my body to get good lighting and wide angle shots. First, I selected the most focused and clearest photos. Then, I chose the photos that I felt would best tell a story that was related to my issue story. I also wanted to incorporate quotes in my slideshow, because my issue story relied on quotes and information directly from the students. If I were to do this assignment again, I would use a better camera, and I would also try to get in contact with more music students, so that I could have an array of shots and information. My slideshow is focused on the music students. Showing them during rehearsal, practicing, and hanging out in the Joy Burns Plaza, links my slideshow directly to my issue story, because my issue story is centered around the consumption of music student’s schedule, due to the time they spend practicing, rehearsing, and performing. I was also able to take photos of the interviewees from my issue story and use quotes from their interview in the captions. I think that this photo project enhances my issue story, because it provides visual proof of just how busy the music students are.


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  • Isabel McCan
    Isabel McCan says:

    Paris, good job. Your slideshow conveys an accurate sense of the daily life of LaMont students. Your photos are an even blend of human action and everyday setting in LaMont, creating a well-rounded overall slideshow. Your captions are pertinent and well-placed.

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