Sodexo strives to make the University of Denver and the world a better place

In this slideshow I really wanted to capture the efforts that Sodexo puts into its work. I tried to show the different things that makes Sodexo a commendable company and focused on the positive. I tried to mix in pictures of people and food items to connect the employees with their work. I also made sure to get pictures of students, because they are the beneficiaries of all of the effort Sodexo puts in.

Sodexo has many great aspects that people don’t know about. It is high ranking in various business magazines and surveys and it has won multiple awards for its solid reputation. It is obviously not a perfect company, but I tried to include quotes and statistics that showed some of the good that it is doing. I found it really important that it uses local providers for a lot of its products so I mentioned that multiple times and tried to take pictures of the recycling and composting bins to show its commitment to the environment. It was difficult to capture what I was going for in pictures. I found it hard to take most of my pictures of people because they would always be moving and many would turn out blurry. I really tried to show the employees working because my Issue Story focused on the employees, and many of my captions involved employee statistics or quotes. I wanted this slideshow to break through the negative stereotype that many students associate with Sodexo.

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  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin says:

    I think you did a great job taking relevant photos and giving interesting facts. You were able to show not only plenty of students, but also many of the Sodexo workers and good shots of cooking. Your photography techniques were great and that made it an interesting slideshow. Great job!

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