The University of Denver makes recycling easy

The University of Denver offers many recycling centers around campus that allow for easy student access. I wanted my photos to reflect the efforts that the University is currently making. Those include: water bottle refill stations, the biking program, dinning halls, community gardens, and recycling centers. My issue story focused on the universities attempt to develop better sustainability practices around campus. It became clear through writing the first assignment that most students only recycle because the opportunity is readily available.

Taking photos of sustainability is a difficult task because it isn’t always a visible phenomenon. I had a hard time finding situations to photograph where students were making sustainable choices. I attempted to have individuals act as if they were throwing objects into the recycling bin and such, but the pictures did not look natural.

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  • Paris Norris
    Paris Norris says:

    I really like how you included different ways to recycle, and the different aspects, as it relates to improving the environment. When most people think of recycling, they think of bottles and paper. I really enjoyed viewing the community garden, because I didn’t even know that DU had a community garden.

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