Campus safety is everyone’s concern

My photo slide share/slideshow depicts the issue of safety on University of Denver’s campus. To illustrate the different factors of campus safety, I photographed Campus Safety, various places around campus, students and things pertaining to crimes relevant to the University.  It is my intention to present these photographs with some interesting statistics provided by DU’s campus safety police. The photos are self-explanatory with further detail in the caption.

First, I chose to photograph Campus Safety because they are responsible for the overall feeling of safety on campus and implement the various federally mandated laws. Also depicted are images pertaining to criminal alerts such as the Daily Crime Log, maintained by Campus Safety and a recent Crime Alert regarding the ongoing assaults in Nagel Hall and Vista Lofts. To further personalize my slide show and present it from the students’ perspective, I included pictures of students reading the campus safety crime alert emails on their phones, walking on campus and by the blue boxes which hold emergency phones. Lastly, I chose to spotlight some of the crimes that statistics indicate have the highest incident rates, specifically theft and liquor laws/underage possession. Interestingly, when I was taking the photographs, I realized that I was more likely to capture a quality photo if I examined the subject a unique perspective, depending on the angle, the proximity of the subject and time of day.  The quality of the image depends hugely on whether you play around with the zoom and capture the photograph from different angles.


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  • Blake Foeman
    Blake Foeman says:

    I thought your pictures went great with the story you were trying to tell. The pictures of the statistics and crime alert information gives the reader more awareness of how campus saftey protects the university.

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