The new library is almost here

For my powerpoint slideshow, I continued with the same topic as my Issue Story Number 1, which was about the construction of the new Penrose Library winding down. I wanted to show people how much progress has taken place over the past year and a half, even though many students were expecting the project to be finished sooner. I included not only pictures of the almost finished library, but also pictures of the construction workers and equipment. I included alternate study spaces that many students have been utilizing. I tried to include as many pictures with people as possible to make it more interesting.

Some of the alternate study spaces I wanted to show were the temporary library in Driscoll, the Business school and the Education school. I think it was a great time to show this slideshow because after spring break, the library will be open, so it is almost done. The exterior is almost completely finished, so to outsiders it looks very attractive. I wanted to get students excited for a building that will soon be theirs to utilize.

I chose to photograph the building from every angle, and in different lighting and weather conditions. This showed variety, and would give students an idea of what the building will look like no matter what the weather. I wanted to show alternate study areas to show people how it can be cramped and crowded trying to study somewhere else, so when the new library opens it will be far less stressful. Finally, I showed construction workers to make it seem more realistic.

What worked was the variety of photos from different angles and different weather periods, as well as pictures with both students and construction workers to make them less boring. What did not work was it would have been nicer to have had even more photos with people in it, and it would have been amazing if I could have gotten access to the inside of the building, but that was not possible. I learned a lot about the new building, and I tried to include my best and most interesting pictures.

My slideshow links up with my issue story because it showed many of the things I spoke about in the story, and it made me look at the library differently now that I know more about when it will be completed, how much work has been put into it, and how much better the new building will be for the students at this school. We have been waiting patiently for a new library, so we deserve to have the best building possible for learning, and after working on this project I think that that is exactly what we will get in return.

2 Responses to The new library is almost here

  • Alexia Crocombe-Crane
    Alexia Crocombe-Crane says:

    I think that your story was very interesting and relevant to the life of a college student. Around the DU campus I frequently hear students talking about the lack of a library and how completely frustrated they are. I also think your inclusion of extra study spaces was a good idea. It was informative and appropriate. You’re photographic angles of the library were great as well. Well put together story!!

  • Olivia Melikian
    Olivia Melikian says:

    Brendan- I enjoyed your story a lot because I feel it focused on an issue that every DU student agrees with and cares about. Your slideshow is interesting and entertaining. The photos from spring of last year reveal the progress thus far, and illustrate the time issue. I too hear students talking about the library and how the renovation has taken forever. You chose meaningful photos that get the point of your story across. Great job!

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