Exploring the inner reality of Daniels College of Business ethics training

While gathering photos for my slideshow, I focused on human subjects whose energy would activate my presentation and infuse it with personality. The most challenging aspect of the photographic process revolves around the unexpectedness of capturing candid photos. I would find a perfect composition but just before I pressed the camera button, one person would move, and though I waited, poised at the ready, the composition would never return and I would be left empty-handed. Additionally, I struggled with finding the correct shooting settings on my camera. Throughout the process, I experimented with several lighting conditions, but my photos remained at the mercy of the room’s natural or fluorescent lighting. As a result, my compositions came out too dim or too bright-or sometimes, just right. After struggling with my camera, I learned to visit the site early and take practice shots to figure out the correct settings beforehand. This preparation also reduced the awkwardness of having to repeat the same shot of a person-an action that caused discomfort on both ends.

My slideshow captures snapshots of business students engaged in Ethics Boot Camp, a major DCB event and component in the business school’s ethical curriculum. The slideshow introduces the viewer to DCB department directors, professors and students alike-all of whom comprise, design and participate in DCB ethics culture. This panorama thus allows the viewer a well-rounded look at the different components of the business school society. He/she glimpses the smiling faces of otherwise, furrow-browed students hunched over textbooks; he meets influential DCB professors sitting relaxed alongside their pupils, and lastly, the viewer interacts with DCB department directors, whose friendly eyes and mellow dispositions dispel the intimidating image of high-powered, business executives. This small collection of photos ultimately helps illustrate how the Daniels College of Business instills ethics in its students (by covering one of the curriculum’s main events); and moreover, vividly describes the inner reality of the DCB ethical culture as composed of the vibrant interactions between its various characters.









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  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose says:

    I really enjoyed the photos in your slideshow. It kept me interested the entire time because you included a lot of different people in the pictures and not just random objects. Since I am not a business student it was interesting to see what goes on in the ethics bootcamp that I have heard so much about during my time here at DU. I also think that you did a good job mixing up the composition styles in your pictures. Great job Brenda!

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