Discovering LGBT nightlife in Denver


The topic of my slideshow is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) nightlife in Denver. Initially, I wanted to tell the story of a gay Denver University student’s night out in Denver. Unfortunately, the student that I intended on profiling fell ill, and was unable to go out. Although the new idea for my story was relatively the same, my approach and execution were different from my original plans.

My slideshow is composed of photos of DU students who are apart of the gay community in Denver, two people that I met at the nightclub, Tracks, in Denver, and the interior, exterior, and atmosphere, of the nightclub. I wanted to capture a gay student at the end of his school day getting ready for a night out on the town.

I captured the outside sign of the nightclub, the people dancing in the nightclub, members of the nightclub staff, and two club goers. I chose to use some of these pictures first, to introduce the topic of my slideshow. I also captured two DU students on the way to their room, hanging out, and  in the process of getting ready to go out. I chose to use majority of these pictures in the middle of my slideshow, to give my story depth and background. I did the same with the audio. Some of the pictures and text were also placed to identify the voice on the audio.

I had a difficult time getting clear pictures in the nightclub, due to the constant movement of people. The process of integrating the audio was the easiest, because I am very familiar with audio production, and telling a story through audio is something that I do often. I didn’t find a need for much text in the slideshow, because I had a lot of audio. I did, however, feel that I needed more visual introduction, so I added a title, and also a credit slide.

I chose photos that were clear and visible, and photos that illustrated the story that I was trying to tell. I took many exterior photos of the nightclub, but because it was at night, I didn’t get many clear photos. If I were to do this assignment again, I would take photos of the nightclub during the day, and I would visit other areas and venues that are frequented by the gay community in Denver.

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