DU students escape to the mountains

Through this audio slideshow, I am trying to tell the story of DU kids escaping to the mountains on weekends. I am trying to explain that skiing and snowboarding is a big part of DU culture, and that the mountains are the reason many students choose to study at DU and stay in Colorado for college.

I wanted to explain that many people at DU ski and enjoy skiing. I also wanted to include information about how students feel about the snowfall from last year compared to the snowfall this year and if it was affecting how much they were skiing.

All the pictures I took come from mountain settings. I used pictures from my friends skiing in Vail, Winterpark and Steamboat. I also took pictures of students hanging out in the mountains to depict mountain life in general, and how students stretch a ski day into a mountain weekend. I included close-ups, wideshots and midshots to make the story interesting and to give it variety. I also tried to use a lot of action shots of people skiing to show skiing culture. I feel that my action shots are the strongest shots.

For audio, I choose to interview two students that are both passionate about the mountains and about skiing. I started off with the importance of skiing to them, why they liked skiing and coming up to the mountains, where they liked to ski and then their opinion on snowfall. I felt this order made sense and helped the slideshow flow nicely.

What was difficult about this project was getting photos. I had to make time to head up to a few different mountains and make sure that I was taking pictures as I was skiing. I also had a lot of trouble cutting the audio. I feel some of the cuts were unnatural, but they were the most natural that I could make them because of how the interviews flowed. Also, it was difficult putting the pictures in because even though I planned my pictures after the audio, some places did not fit perfectly, and I couldn’t go get more pictures easily.

It was easy getting interesting pictures and action shots because there were quite a few people willing to be in my pictures. However when placing them in my audio slideshow, it was difficult deciding what effects (Ken Burns, etc) to put in because I wanted them to look interesting without being too busy. I chose to do Ken Burns on quite a few, but not all my pictures. I used the zoom to focus on certain parts of the pictures. Also, I chose to use the same effect (cross dissolve) for all my images as I felt it kept everything tied together.

It was also difficult to decide what pictures to use. I liked most of the ones I took and it was hard to narrow them down.

For the text portion, I only used it for a title and giving names to the people I interviewed. I felt my pictures and audio told enough of a story that not all of the pictures needed captions, I just needed to identify who was speaking.

From this project, I learned to pay better attention to the audio and to plan out better what pictures I need. Also, I learned a lot about editing and Final Cut Pro.

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