DU students express their pride and cheer on men’s hockey


Although the University of Denver can’t boast the same enrollment numbers as larger state schools, our sporting events can boast rowdy Pioneer spirit. With my Final Cut Pro slideshow, I wanted to capture the student enthusiasm at our games and dispel the myth that our school doesn’t show school spirit. I attended the the DU/CC hockey rivalry game to shoot the photos needed to express these goals. I also wanted to illustrate why school pride is important for a campus community and encourage those who watch the video to support their school in one way or another.

It was great shooting the photos because everyone at the game was eager to get rowdy and show off their DU pride. The only problem was the movement from the crowd made some of the photos slightly shaky. The TASCAM audio recorder worked perfectly and recorded quality sound footage. I recorded my interviews separately from the actual game as to get more clear sound quality.  But what is really confusing to me is that the recorded interviews sounded perfect on Final Cut Pro but then when I watched the video on our site and on Youtube, the recording sounded tinny or like they were underwater. Unfortunately, with the video already published I wasn’t sure how to go about fixing the sound. Although this issue could be a problem with my headphones, I am not sure. But I do know that the quality of sound definitely changed when I uploaded it to the online platform.

I chose to interview Sophie Amster because she is heading up the school spirit position in USG and sets up promotional events prior to the games, such as tailgates. My other interviewee Leila Vakili-zadeh attended the DU/CC game but does not normally attend sporting events, so the slideshow presented the two polar sides of the typical DU student’s support for the sport’s teams. I chose also to use text slides to direct the flow of the photos and of my audio. The intro slides I used to introduce the atmosphere of the sporting events and which game I went to specifically. I used the question text to give context to the audio.

Unfortunately, all of the edits (roughly a minute of edited slideshow) I had made on my computer in the lab prior to Monday night had been erased when I came in to finish it. Everything was wiped from the desktop. Fortunately I could retrieve my files from the trash can. Yet when I tried to open Final Cut, the application would not load or open at all. This problem should probably be brought to Bob’s attention. Of course I had backup on a flash drive and moved to a new computer, but the Final Cut edited files did not load and appeared on the other computer as “offline”. So my earlier edits were all lost. I think that I repeated everything from what I had done previously, but the minor details weren’t as polished as I would have liked. I wish I could have aligned the audio portion of with the photos better at some points, but I think as an overall product it is successful.

I learned that saving files is extremely important, obviously. I also learned how to operate the Final Cut Pro editing system with relative dexterity. But it also caused me some issues as well, such as when I could not figure out how to erase the ken burns effect I have on Sophie’s introduction picture. I wanted the photo to rise up form the bottom at a quicker speed but I could not figure out how to eliminate the previous ken burns effect I had applied to the photo, so I was not able to change it. It disapointed me because I don’t think that the current ken burns setting on the photo is aesthetically pleasing or practical. I also struggled with adjusting the order of photos and audio in Final Cut because if I wanted to add something to the beginning of the slideshow and there was content behind it, I had to go through and manually move everything over to make room then I had to go back and make sure all the photos and sound was aligned with each other. It was the minor technical details like these that were a big struggle. Overall though, I am pleased with the slideshow product.

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  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin says:

    I think you did a great job taking a variety of shots at a hockey game, and you chose a great hockey game to photograph. You did a great job gathering an interview with the school spirit girl from student government, and asked appropriate questions for the interview. The whole slideshow showed just how excited students get for hockey at this school. Nice job!

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