Food culture difference: the big issue for international students

The topic I chose is the different food cultures between the U.S. and where DU international students come from. Since I don’t feel very comfortable to be recorded myself, I decide to conduct this slideshow depending the interviews, so I had each of my interviewees introduce themselves and talk through on this topic. The photos I shot basically consist of photos of the interviewees, food, cooking and DU dining halls. I also went to the Chinese New Year Celebration.

My basic idea is to conduct this slideshow with two major parts: How international students feel and how DU food services do. The photos were chosen based on what I chose from the two parts of interviews. When I stepped to post-editing, I felt there was much information in the interviews I could use. Unfortunately, there was no enough information matching the interviews in the photos, even though I took a lot. I think I need to plan more before I take photos in the future instead of taking them casually.

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  • Emily Bowman
    Emily Bowman says:

    Hey Li! I really liked the story you chose to cover for your audio slideshow – it is a unique and important side to the international student experience. I also liked how you got input from both an international student, who was eating the food, and an American, who worked for the company who makes the food. It was a good balance of perspectives. You also had a nice variety of photos. I wish that you had an interview to go along with your last few slides of the New Years celebration on campus, to explain it a bit more. It would have been nice to hear from someone who had attended.

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