Denver basketball journeys on the road

The photos that I chose tell the story of what travel consists of on the road for the Denver Men’s Basketball team. These pictures give an in depth look at look at what the daily activities are that occur on the road. Because of some of the team rules, I was not able to take pictures in certain areas, for example during pre-game meals or practices on the road.

The story that I am trying to tell is that road trips for basketball are not a big vacation, they are business trips. You travel to different cities to prepare for games and then quickly fly to another city the next day. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture any basketball pictures due to the presence of coaches and other staff members that prohibited it.
The audio and text that I chose helped to guide the photos along. For the most part, the audio matches up with the pictures on the slideshow. In order to keep everything flowing correctly, I inserted text for my questions because I thought my voice asking questions in the background would be a distraction.

I enjoyed that effects that audio can have on a slide show. It helps to tell a story more clearly. Adding movement to the pictures definitely captures the attention of the audience, and I would highly recommend that to anyone making a slideshow. On the other hand, not every slideshow should have music. Sometimes it can take away from the pictures if the music is too loud or fast paced.

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  • Li Zeng
    Li Zeng says:

    I like the way you connect different parts of the interview with question slides and the effect you add to the pictures’ moving. Pictures are very interesting and match the audio well. It’s very well organized.

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