Founding Alpha Phi at DU

For my audio slide show I wanted to tell a story of what it is like to start a new sorority at a university. Alpha Phi’s founding members are graduating this year so I wanted to get an inside look of how they first started their chapter here on the University of Denver’s campus four years ago. I interviewed the former Alpha Phi President Brittany Willis to share her experiences from starting the chapter from the ground up.

I tried to capture many different aspect of Alpha Phi. I took pictures of the house, chapter meetings, the girls, some events and various objects that represent the sorority. I recorded the audio first and then drew a storyboard as I listened to the playback. This process made matching the pictures to the audio much more effective, oppose to just taking pictures of random things and hoping that they would somehow fit. There were some parts of the audio that I had to cut because there was nothing I could think of that would visually match the audio. The part I found difficult was that I would have liked some pictures from four years ago when the chapter first started, but that was not possible. I tried to get a mixture of pictures from extreme close ups to far away shots. I thought that this made it more interesting. I also made sure that the majority of my pictures had people in them.

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  • Alexia Crocombe-Crane
    Alexia Crocombe-Crane says:

    I think that your audio slide show did a great job of offering a fresh and unique view on sorority life. Your audio matched your photos very nicely and your voice clips kept me entertained. Also, you followed guidelines for the project well. All together – NICE!

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