A Day in the Life of the Lambda House Mom at the University of Denver

For my audio slideshow, I interviewed Jane Bryce, the house mom of University of Denver fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. This interview began as a day in the life of Jane, but quickly transitioned into more of an overall profile of her job responsibilities and experiences in her current position, as well on some background on how she acquired this job. My interview went very smoothly; she answered each question with a detailed description and formulated well-articulated responses. I had a bit of trouble offering non-verbal encouragement, as my natural instinct is to say my agreement or interest rather than simply nodding and smiling, but for the most part I was able to edit out my own interruptions and combine her responses in a way that made sense and flowed.
My biggest struggle with this project was matching pictures to the audio. I wanted to achieve a thought provoking piece about a topic that I think most people would find interesting—a grown woman living in a frat house—yet, many of the spoken details which enhance the story cannot be captured on film. For example, when she spoke about how she initially got into the position, she mentioned her daughter and a visit out to her sorority in New York that sparked her interest in the idea of becoming a house mom. It was difficult to find images that would correlate to this portion of the audio, so I found myself filling that time with other more general pictures related to the topic. Overall, I think I have achieved a successful project that tells a story that many would find quite curious, but I much prefer my audio segments to the visuals.

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  • Paris Norris
    Paris Norris says:

    I think your slideshow’s story is interesting. I would have like to have seen more images of Jane, because I felt that as she was talking, the images didn’t correlate to what she was saying. One example is when she talks about her daughter joining a sorority and an image of a hat is on the screen. I think if you could have used a photo of her daughter, it would have helped the slideshow’s rhythm. At times, it almost seemed as though there were just random images flashing on the screen, even though the image content was reflective of the story.

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