A day on the University Ski Bus

My topic for the Final Cut Pro slideshow was on the University Ski Bus, which takes DU students to different mountains every weekend. I took photos of George Cooper, founder of the University Ski Bus, students on the bus, different shots on the mountain, preparation for the departure, and more. I wanted George to tell people more about the company through his interviews, and what customers can expect. I also wanted him to talk about the differences between last year and this year.

My first shot was a shot of George making announcements on the bus to introduce George. My next shot was a shot from a high rise building of the mountains, showing just how far away they are if you do not have a car to drive yourself up there. My third shot was a shot of Keystone, followed by a shot of Frisco, CO. The next two pictures were of George loading up the bus outside JMAC and Halls, followed by a ticket with information on it. I then took three pictures of the school as George describes how the school partnered with him this year. I took a picture of students on the bus as George describes what students should expect, followed by two pictures of making sack breakfasts, since a free breakfast is included. Next came a picture of the driver driving through the snow, followed by a picture of the televisions since a movie is included on the way back. Then I took another picture of students on the bus. I then took a picture of the bus in a snowy background, followed by a morning shot of the driver driving to the mountains. I took a picture of five $1 bills, since the school helped get the price down to five dollars, followed by two pictures of George skiing with friends, since he describes that riding the bus is much more social driving up on your own.

I chose to photograph what I did in order for viewers to get a sense of an average day riding the ski bus. I wanted to show everything from the preparation of a day on the mountains, to riding the bus, as well as shots on the mountain. I chose the order to pertain to what George was talking about in the interview, but I also wanted to start with pictures such as introducing George, his marketing techniques, and end with shots on the mountain. I only used text when I was introducing George. I also asked George different questions in the following order: What made you want to start the University Ski Bus? How did you go about starting it? What do you do for the company? Does the school help you out? What should a customer expect? Was last year successful? What changes did you make this year? What is your favorite part about running the company? Do you think you will do anything differently next year? I felt like the order of these questions were appropriate.

I think that I got some great shots of the mountains, both on and off the mountains. I also got good shots of how it looks to go through a day on the ski bus, and did a good job at getting different angles. However, I could have had a few more pictures with people in it. I think that I got a fantastic interview with George, and he gave great insight into what he had to do to get this started. I tried my best to have the order make sense, but at times it was very hard for me to do given the long interview George gave. Some of his answers jumped all over the place, and I found it hard to try to figure out which order would work best. All in all, I am proud of especially my nature shots of the mountains, and I feel like I showed outsiders what it is like to spend a day on the ski bus.

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  • Alexandra Wetzler
    Alexandra Wetzler says:

    I think you did a really great job with this audio slideshow. The audio is really clear and I can’t tell where you made cuts at all. Also, you have a lot of great pictures that match up well with the audio. In addition, you have a variety of pictures which make the slideshow interesting. I had no idea about the Ski Bus, so it was really great to learn about and it’s a great opportunity for students that want to be social and ski on the weekends.

  • Robyn Wise
    Robyn Wise says:

    I really enjoyed this video! I thought that the pictures matched very well with the audio, and the topic was relevant to many DU students. I did not know much about the ski bus before watching this video, and this video really intrigued me and made me want to take it. My only suggestion would be to leave some of the pictures on for less time, or add effects to hold interest. Many of them were fine, but a few of the campus pictures seemed to drag on a bit. Great job!

  • Olivia Melikian
    Olivia Melikian says:

    I think you did an awesome job. The topic is something everyone on campus can relate to and is interested in. I like how your pictures match your audio. The audio is clear. Your pictures differ between closeup, wide shots and medium shots. There are also pictures from different angle. You have a good mix and it keeps the slideshow interesting. I really liked your slideshow!

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