KVDU Broadcaster profile: Madison Watson

I chose to profile a broadcaster at KVDU college radio station. Madison Watson, a junior at DU, is very involved in the music scene in Denver as well as here on campus. The photos in my slide show were taken in the KVDU station and concert venues around the city. I was extremely lucky with the timing of the presentation because it was a big weekend for music entertainment. Madison invited me to one of the shows that the radio station had been promoting so I was able to photograph her in a place where she feels the most at home-surrounded by groovy tunes. I felt that her perspective and knowledge regarding music is extremely relevant in the life of any Denverite. Denver is exploding onto the national music scene as a young and influential city in the dub-step genre. It’s important to get the word out about the music-centered opportunities around DU. Additionally, KVDU is relatively unknown on this campus. I’ve been listening for the last year because my friends have a show on weekend, but it offers students who are interested in media a great chance to develop broadcasting skills. I feel like student based programs could be better represented-so I wanted to highlight Madison’s interests.

Because it was an assignment rooted in photography, I wanted to keep text to a minimum. Madison has very flowery language, so the sound clips she gave me were awesome and didn’t need to be supplemented with words.  The pictures are organized in a way that correlates with the idea she was conveying.  My presentation is lacking in diversity of photographic angles and ranges. I did my best to capture human subjects in each image, but only profiling one individual made it difficult to get a variety of shots.

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  • Robyn Wise
    Robyn Wise says:

    I thought you guys did a really great job on this video! I liked that you managed to get actual footage of the event, and the group video at the end was very funny and engaging. It was a really cool idea to put your credits overlapping more footage of the event, and the whole thing really tied together really well with a clear story line and relevant b-roll. Good job!

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