International athletes add diversity to University of Denver sports


The photos I chose were mostly trying to represent abstract ideas that the interviews discussed. It was difficult for me to find things to take pictures of, especially because both sports teams were away on competitions a lot which made photographing them a challenge. The tennis team had one game that I was able to attend, but I couldn’t get close enough to take good quality pictures, and the lighting was very poor making those shots pretty grainy. It was too difficult to photograph the ski team considering they practice/compete a couple hours off campus and I don’t have a car. Regardless of these challenges I really tried to take photos based on my interviews.

The interview subjects had a lot to say about the high standard that DU holds its athletes to, both as athletes and students. I tried to find DU signs and other things that showed this high level of expectation which led me to take the photos that had “Home of Champions” along with athletes. They also spoke about the balance of school work along with their sport which inspired the tennis racket picture with the text books. Each person had great things to say about the relationship between the teammates, and I really wanted to get a picture of teammates together, but circumstances were not conducive to that. It was really frustrating, but I couldn’t get times that worked and I didn’t just see them together in the dining hall (which would have been ideal). I did get a picture of the house that the Norwegian skier, Espen, lives in with his teammates to demonstrate their close relationship.

Putting the slideshow together was a challenging but fun experience. I wish I had been a little more organized with my time management, because this project required a lot of time put into it. I ended up working for about six hours straight trying to complete it. I found editing the audio pretty straight forward, and I grasped the Ken Burns effect decently. If I had allocated more time to this I would have played around with the picture effects and switched it up a little, but, alas, I did not have enough time. I did enjoy the process, and I hope to work more with Final Cut Pro in the future.

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  • Blake Foeman
    Blake Foeman says:

    I like how you organized your slideshow by using numerous interviews. Instead of telling a story yourself about the international students, you got different interviews and let them tell their own stories. That adds color to your project.

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