University of Denver sorority holds karaoke night for philanthropy

On Tuesday February 26th, the women of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority held their annual karaoke contest “Gamma Phi Oke”. Gamma Phi Oke is the sorority’s most important fundraiser.

This contest was open to any individual or student who wanted to perform at this karaoke night for a night of laughs, talent, and philanthropy. The purpose of the event is to raise money for Gamma Phi’s philanthropy of choice; this year was Girl’s Inc. of Metro Denver.

If a student or group of students wanted to perform an act for the actual contest, they paid $45 dollars to participate. Those who chose to be a part of the audience paid a $7 admittance fee.

The sisters of Gamma Phi Beta anticipating the success of the event.

The sisters of Gamma Phi Beta anticipating the success of the event.

Marisa Maurer, President of Gamma Phi Beta, explained that students choose a song and prepare a performance (usually involving dancing and humor). Students perform their acts with the help of a teleprompter with the lyrics of the songs on the screen.

Student involvement in event

“I’ve heard from many different fraternities and sororities that it is one of their favorite events of the year, and they’re always very eager to sign up,” said Natasha Gunberg, Gamma Phi Beta’s Vice President of Public Relations.

Most eager to participate are fraternity boys, because each fraternity anticipates the chance to dress up in ridiculous costumes, sing humorous songs and aspire to be the funniest, most amusing act of the night.

Yet sororities also participate as Maurer said sororities and fraternities at DU are supportive of each other and attend each other’s events. Students who are non-Greek, also attend if they have heard about how entertaining the event is.

Not only is the event itself filled with hysterical fraternity boys and talented singers, it raises the most money out of any Gamma Phi Beta philanthropy event. According to Gunberg, last year Gamma Phi members raised around $2000 to $4000 dollars for their philanthropy due to this event alone.

A night of entertainment

The night was filled with a combination of gifted performances and outrageous acts. For the first portion of the event, an open microphone was held. Here, students who were not signed up to perform in the actual contest could get up on stage and perform a song of their choice.

Many individuals showcased their talent during this portion. Audience members enjoyed themselves during this portion of the event, but the true hype began to build as the main event commenced.

Stomachs began to ache after so much laughter from fraternity acts. Boys from different fraternities sang a variety of songs varying from country, rap, Lion King, Backstreet Boys, the Mambo No. 5, and Kool and the Gang.

Additionally sorority women Delta Zeta and Delta Gamma chapters brought a feminine energy to the stage. In addition to sorority and fraternity members, students from USG performed a montage of songs as well.

A crowd favorite was the performance by freshman Lambda Chi Alpha’s “Get Down On It” by Kool and the Gang. Besides the fact they only sang the chorus and had the hysterical choreography steps written on the “lead singer’s” arm, they jumped off stage and got extremely interactive with the crowd. Even though they did not place, the crowd left with the strongest impression from their performance.


Excited about their first place win

Excited about their first place win.

Third place was given to the Zeta Beta Tau brother’s, for their hysterical rendition of “Look at me now” by Chris Brown. Second place was awarded to the ladies in Delta Gamma, for their upbeat performance of “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd. Finally the winners, as chosen by the judges were, four brothers from Beta Theta Pi fraternity who performed “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line.

Graham Ward, one of the Zeta Beta Tau brothers in the third place group wittily remarked, “I think it went more flawless than I could’ve ever imagined. And my sing mates, if that’s what they’re called, killed it.” Stephen Stanis thanked Brandon Marr for inviting him and his three buddies to perform onstage with him.

Brandon Marr, who led the group by rapping the entire song as his fellow brothers danced behind him said the pressure of being onstage caused him to slip up on a few occasions. Sam Bibbey’s last few words included thanking Jesus for an outstanding performance.

“I would say it’s really successful, we always have a ton of people that attend,” Maurer concluded. Gamma Phi Oke drew in a huge crowd this year, creating a fun night of entertainment and philanthropy.

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  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin says:

    I think you guys chose a great topic for students to learn about, since to be honest I have never heard of the fundraiser. You did a great job editing, and the interviews were great. The interviews with the sorority girls were very informative, while the interviews with the fraternity brothers were funny. I especially liked the end credits as a goofy way to close the story. Great job!

  • Paris Norris
    Paris Norris says:

    This is a very interesting topic. I really liked how you guys captured the different acts in the show. I also liked how you included the “behind the scenes” with the act that won third place; However, It was a little unprofessional to have them holding the microphone. I enjoyed the ending, it was very well edited.

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