DU students navigate relationships while balancing other responsibilities

Students at the University of Denver are at all different stages of life when it comes to their relationship statuses. Some students deviate the traditional societal norms and are starting to tie the knot while they are still working towards their college degree. Others stick to the standard college experience and have different priorities during their time at DU. 

Jessica Searls-Wright and her husband celebrate their wedding day.

Jessica Searls-Wright and her husband celebrate their wedding day.

Reasons behind their decisions

Students have various reasons for deciding to take a relationship to the next level during these hectic four years of completing their undergraduate degree. Although it may seem crazy to some students, there are others who could not imagine it any other way.

Jessica Searls-Wright, Married at DU says, “We decided to get married because we have been together so long, and we were just tired of doing long distance, seeing each other so little, that we were really just ready to be together.”

For those who are willing to put in the time and energy during this stage in their life, relationships can be very rewarding and maturing.

Challenges that students face

Deanna Metropoulos spends time with her boyfriend Michael.

Deanna Metropoulos spends time with her boyfriend Michael.

There are many challenges that students may face when making a serious commitment. Juggling the many responsibilities of adult life comes with a lot of hard work.

Deanna Metropoulos, a junior at DU who is in a serious relationship said, “I have to take time to do homework, and I have to take time to visit him, and see my friends and to work, and all together it’s a little difficult.”

Searls-Wright said, “It’s hard to find that motivation still, when you really just want to be with the person that you are with, to then go, ‘Now I have to focus on school.’”

It’s even more difficult when students who are in relationships have to deal with the long distance factor, but many still manage to make it work.

Alexis Cohen, who is engaged at DU, says, “you don’t see each other as often but I was very fortunate that he [her fiancé] would fly home every month.”

Students seeking additional help can find many resources available to them and their partner on the DU campus. The DU Health Center offers couples counseling which is designed to help couples with any relationship problems that they are struggling with. They teach couples how to communicate effectively and to solve any issues that they may be facing. Only one of the partners in the relationship is required to be a student at DU. Students are placed with licensed psychologists that are experienced in this field.

Did you imagine this?

When Metropoulos was asked if her boyfriend happened to pop the “question” to her, she responded by laughing and saying, “No, I would just say no but then continue dating him.”

Searls-Wright said, “Oh no because I was so like, ‘you do things in order’. So you go to high school and then college and you graduate, and then get married and then do the family thing. I totally didn’t expect or see myself getting married young but it just worked out that way.”

Relationships in college take a lot of work. You have to balance school, friends, extra-curricular activities and your significant other. No matter what stage of a relationship you may be in, these DU students seem to have it all figured out.

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    I think you guys did a really great job with this. I like how you had still photos scattered throughout the movie. Also, I really enjoyed your close-ups, especially the one of the engagement ring. It made it really interesting that you focused on three different girls in three different relationship stages. It made the movie dynamic and gave it different perspectives. Also, I like how you addressed the hardships of being in a relationship in college. Lastly, you did a great job with a clear introduction and a conclusion.

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    I enjoyed watching your video, I never knew anyone who was married in college. It is really interesting to hear from their perspectives about why they decided to get married and how they balanced that with school.I also liked how you chose a person who was married and someone who was still in a long distance relationship, it gives different angles for the story.

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    You guys did an awesome job, I like the topic because everyone can relate or is in interest of many. You guys were able to find people in different parts of their relationship. The way you chose to set up the story was really successful. The interviews were conversational and had lots of the girls’ emotions, it was captivating. I think that you guys did a great job including pictures of the wedding and the engaged couple. The pan shot across Driscoll green was steady, showing you put a lot of thought and planning into this video. Overall, great job!

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