Professors at the University of Denver lead interesting, yet busy lives

People are often impressed by the average college student’s ability to “juggle”. He or she is studying, experiencing the fun social aspects of college life, and frequently balancing that with a job as well. Rarely, however, do people look at the professors’ ability to balance just as much, if not more.

One such professor is Chinn Wang, an adjunct art professor teaching foundations and print making courses at the University of Denver. While she isn’t coming up with ideas for new art assignments, helping her students, or grading projects, she works at her own studio located at the Red Line art center. Red Line is an organization that works with the community as well as Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.14.36 PMupcoming contemporary artists to put on wonderful art galleries, while at the same time benefiting those in need. It is a gallery, a charity, and an education center all in one.

Living in Boulder, dedicating time to her students, and participating in the Red Line art community, Wang explains that “it’s really hard to manage your time…it’s really hard to balance your studio time with your teaching.” Despite the challenge of long days full of work both in the art studio and at the university, Wang really enjoys teaching and would love to become a full time professor.

Also, working at the university and involved in the arts is Anne Penner, an assistant theater professor who does her own acting in her spare time. While she animatedly workScreen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.18.18 PMs with her students in her classroom – a white-box theater on DU’s campus – she has gone to many auditions and been in multiple short films as well as a commercial.

Raised by two professors, Penner says that teaching “always interested [her] as…a job that [she] could really like.” She began teaching after graduate school to make extra money, but found she actually enjoyed it. Teaching at the University of Denver provides her with a gratifying experience while providing her the opportunity to pursue acting as well.

Sociology professor Amie Levesque also balances separate spheres in her life. She teaches a few different classes here in Sturm Hall while working on a dissertation and raising a family. Levesque proposed the idea for her dissertation on gay-straight alliances while graduating from Northeastern in Boston. She is currently finishing up field work for that project, as she raises her son and daughter. Levesque explains, “we get the kids ready for bed and my husband and I usually work the rest of the night.” She adds jokingly, “it’s exciting!”

Levesque attributes her ability to balance these different things to her being a night owl. Despite her long hours, she says she loves being a mom, explaining that it’s one of the most gratifying things she could do. Of course, this doesn’t mean she’ll be neglecting her other jobs any time soon, as she is fiercely dedicated to each of them.

The professors teaching at the University of Denver are dedicated to their students for a significant amount of hours, especially if they are employed as a full time professor. They do not let that dedication restrict them, however, from having additional exciting lives outside of school.

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  • Li Zeng
    Li Zeng says:

    I think you guys did a great job on this project. Firstly, the voice-over sounds very professional and conducts a good beginning and a good conclude. And I like how you shot and cut among different angles for a single scene. Also, you added lots of b-rolls matching the interviews very well. Good editing making things compact.

  • Brenda Velasquez
    Brenda Velasquez says:

    This video raises awareness of the extremely busy lives our professors lead, reminding us students not to take their precious time for granted. We are so accustomed to professors being so accessible to us through their office hours and out-of-time appointments. And so this story gives due props to our educators and is thoroughly a positive, enlightening topic.
    In terms of editing, this group did a wonderful job-the audio was seamless and smooth as if no slicing was done at all! I loved especially how you were able to incorporate the commercial so that we could see the professor’s acting in action. I also commend you for taking the initiative to visit these professors in their classrooms, personal studios and offices to capture them at work-it boosted the story’s credibility, and gave the viewers a glimpse of their schedules.Lastly, the voice narration did sound professional indeed-very confident, clear and steady, not cheesy or exaggerated. Great job you guys!

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