DU Global Medical Brigades going to Honduras this spring break

DU Global Medical Brigades student organization has been fundraising for their trip during spring break to Honduras, which is going to provide medical and dental care to the people and training to local communities in Honduras.




So far, the organization has received generous support from the community. Popular campus food venues such as South Philly Cheesesteaks and Beau Jo’s have agreed to donate proceedings towards the organization’s mission.

DU Global Medical Brigades fundraiser

DU Global Medical Brigades fundraiser


“We’ve done various fundraisers.” Said Jason Desai, the vice president of DU Global Medical Brigades. “ Table we were trying to get our name out there has been huge. People will learn about us. They’ll feel this is a great cost, so they’ll actually donate us instead of just people randomly asking for money.”


One of the most successful fundraiser for this year was King Soopers fundraiser. DU Global Medical Brigades set up a table out of King Soopers. Volunteers from DU Global Medical Brigades encouraged people around to go into the store, buy some medication or medicines such as a bottle of Vitamins or a bottle of Aspirin, and donate to the table.


“People were willing to do that. It’s not really too much of big deal for them.” Desai said, “They donated a lot.”


All services and medicines DU Global Medical Brigades will bring down to Honduras are going to be free for the patients in the communities.


Trip to Honduras


“What we will be doing as volunteers down there is kind of like hospital setting type.” Desai said, “Patients will come in. We’ll take their information. We’ll take their vital signs. Then they’ll either go to the medical or dental station. And then the medical station will consult with the doctor. The doctor will prescribe the medicines that we brought down from here; or they’ll go to dental station. They’ll either get a filling or mostly extraction.”


The team of this year will be leaving on Mar. 17 and coming back on Mar. 28. Each trip like this requires the organization to raise 60 grand in order to purchase the needed medical and dental supplies often taken for granted here in the U.S. It is funded mostly by donation.


Global Brigades


Global Medical Brigades at DU was started by Joshua Carlson and Brett Friedman in 2012. Most of these volunteers are science major students looking forward to entering the medical field.

Brett Friedman and Joshua Carlson, founders of DU Global Medical Brigades

Brett Friedman and Joshua Carlson, founders of DU Global Medical Brigades


As part of Global Brigades, the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization, Global Medical Brigades has an extended network of 4,000 volunteers from 160 American and European university chapters.


The purpose of Global Brigades is going to communities, making them better trained, and trying to get them self-sustaining. They helped with medical problems, water source issues, public health problems, business aspects and etc.


“We don’t go to a community if the members of the community don’t want to learn or don’t want to help.” Said Desai. “Essentially we are just going there, helping there with their problems for temporary basis, and leaving…they probably can self-sustain themselves.”

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  • Kersten Jaeger
    Kersten Jaeger says:

    I really enjoyed your video. The pictures matched the audio really well, and I loved that you found actual footage of their previous trip – it really added to the overall story. You had a really nice mix of narration and interviews to tell the story. The B-roll of the meetings were nice, and overall your video shots were set up well (for both b-roll and the interviews). Nice job. Also, I liked the song in the credits.

  • Emily Bowman
    Emily Bowman says:

    I loved that you chose to focus on Global Medical Brigades! I think that they are a wonderful organization that deserves more attention for their efforts. I liked how you looked at GMB at DU by looking at what kind of students were involved, filming a meeting, mentioning their fundraising efforts with local restaurants, etc. I LOVED that you included footage from GMB’s former trips! Being able to see the group in action “in the field” while members explained the work that they did their made it much more tangible to the viewer, and just added a lot to the story, overall. Well done!

  • Nicole Eldridge
    Nicole Eldridge says:

    Great Topic guys! I love what Medical Brigades does and it’s great to see the topic covered! I thought it was super cool how you guys included actual footage of a past trip, that made the story much realer and impactful. You had great shots and cool transitions. The interviews were informative. All in all, great job!

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