University of Denver students talk about final exams

The library is crammed and there are no seats left in Jazzman’s Café. Students are busy typing away and flipping through notes. It’s that time of the quarter again: finals.

Finals at the University of Denver can be a stressful time for students, as the ten weeks are coming to a close and the workload is building up. Luckily, many students have mastered the finals routine and have come up with effective ways to study and deal with stress. 

End of the Quarter Workload

“My workload at the end of this quarter is out of control,” sophomore Brian Goetzinger exclaims. He is one of the many students with an extreme week of tests and essays ahead.

“I get a lot of work in the last two weeks of the quarter usually,” says Kathryn Avedon, a freshman. She can empathize with Goetzinger.

Many students, such as Goetzinger, have four finals. Factoring that into additional coursework, essays, attending class and extracurricular activities, students find it important to figure out effective study habits and find time to prepare.

“To prepare for finals I get a cup of coffee, go to the library, go to some place quiet, and just zone out,” sophomore William Eagan says.

DU student's are finishing up their winter quarter.

DU student’s are finishing up their winter quarter.

Many other students also find this mode of studying effective. Some students enjoy studying in Jazzman’s Café, the library, the education building, while some prefer to be in their rooms or the study rooms in Nelson or Nagel, just as long as it’s quiet with no distractions.

As for methods, notecards are useful and effective for many students, such as Avedon and her peers. Other students, such as senior Ty McCarty, like to work with classmates to share ideas and notes.


Stress and Finals

Studying for finals adds pressure to the normal routine for students.

“My anxiety levels definitely flare up,” admits Eagan. Finals are not an easygoing time for him.

During finals week students find quiet places to study.

During finals week students find quiet places to study.

Some students, however, don’t find the pressure of finals as overwhelming.

“I usually don’t stress out very much because that’s my personality type,” freshman Manoj Bandreddi says.

Luckily for students like Eagan, they have come up with stress relievers to lower the pressure and give them a break.

Avedon enjoys hanging out with friends when her studying becomes overwhelming and she is in need of a good way to ease her stress. Other students have different methods to get their minds out of the books.

Yoga is McCarty’s favorite method to reduce anxiety. Being active is definitely a common theme among DU students. Skiing, long boarding, and going to the gym are also good stress relievers.


With finals inching closer everyday, students reflect on their work over the quarter.

Procrastination seems to be a common theme. Many students agree they should have worked harder at the beginning of the quarter. With only ten weeks, there is no room for postponement.

One student, sophomore Beck Nygard, started his work early in the quarter and agrees that it paid off, “The one time I do start early I can already tell it’s helping.”

With Spring Break to look forward to, even students that have procrastinated have motivation to complete their schoolwork, even though the end of the quarter is overwhelming.

“I’ve been like drowning in work, good thing I can swim though right,” adds Goetzinger.


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