Member of University of Denver custodial staff shares her story

Meet Griselda

University of Denver’s housing department has a large staff that ensures the cleanliness of the school day and night. One of the staff members, Griselda (who did not share her last name), sat down to share her compelling story.

Griselda moved to Los Angeles, California from El Salvador when she was twenty-three years old. She came from a poor family, her mother was a seamstress and her father shined shoes.

El Salvador was full of turmoil and war at the time, and their family’s lives were at risk. In search for a better life, Griselda and her family immigrated illegally to the United States.

For a few years, she lived in an extremely poor neighborhood in California, where safety was still an issue. Her husband decided to travel to Colorado, where he realized that people lived much more peacefully.

After seeing how wonderful the Colorado education system was, Griselda and her children followed her husband and moved to Colorado. She was two boys and one girl, all who have graduated from high school.

All three of her children graduated from high school, two of them have positions at banks and her daughter is studying in college. Griselda has put in countless hours of sacrifice and dedication to ensuring her children’s success.

Due to life circumstances, she said that she always had to provide and pay for her family’s expenses. In the end it was worth it for her, because she has been able to witness her children’s success.

Working at the University of Denver

Griselda was told by a friend about the opportunity to work for Housing at the University of Denver. For nine years, she has been working for the university.

Hours can be long and rough, but Griselda always makes sure that the Nagel dormitory is clean for all of its students.

An old manager, provided the custodial staff with the opportunity to take English classes taught by the student. Here, Griselda progressed to the fourth level.

Sometimes, she wishes those classes were still taught so that she could continue to improve her English. Speaking a foreign language seems to be a constant struggle for her.
For the most part, she says students are very friendly with her. Griselda says her biggest motivation is seeing student’s gratitude toward her work.

When students give the staff food or write them thank you letters, Griselda’s day is completely brightened.

Every day Griselda will continue to work hard for the students of the University of Denver. In Spanish she says “life isn’t easy, but I hope to accomplish greater things here.”

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