Student safety at the University of Denver

“We have a 24 hour dispatch center located in this building and that’s always manned and we always have officers on the street that can respond to calls,” said Stephen Banet, a campus safety sergeant at the University of Denver

Du has taken many security precautions to prevent students from becoming victims of any sort of crimes on or around campus.  In the student dorms there are card-access only security doors and/or swipe pads inside elevators. Every students email address is registered in the University’s emergency notification system to alert them quickly of any crimes around campus.

“Generally, the dorms are pretty safe,” stated Mark Jones, a senior resident assistant in Nelson Hall, “We post signs on all the doors called ‘stranger danger’ signs, reminding students to look out and  if you see anyone  suspicious don’t let them in.

Campus safety officers patrol the campus in vehicles, Segways, on bycicle, and by foot.   Officers provide escorts to students walking to and from campus housing and parking lots, or if an individual feels at all unsafe.

“We are lucky to be located in one of the safest areas in Denver  and then because you have dedicated law enforcement on campus, I think that makes the campus even more safe,” said Banet.

Officers want to remind students to exercise common sense in regards to crime, do not make it easier on the “bad guys”. Banet warned students to always lock their doors and to never leave any personal items lying around because they will get stolen.

When asked if DU does an adequate job of keeping their students safe, senior Ann-Britt Hakansson said, “Yeah, I mean I think that they do what they can. I think that when you live a certain distance away it’s hard to regulate that area as well. But especially for on campus they do a good job”

When Hakansson was a resident in the dorms she reported feeling very secure. Now, she lives a 10 to 15 minute walk from campus. She said that although she has never been the victim of a crime she has heard stories from a friend who was attacked last year.

“I generally try not to walk alone at night, just because I would rather not. But if I do I just try to make sure that I’m aware of my surroundings and walk really fast,” Hakansson stated. Additionally,  she said that she frequently uses cabs to go home at night if she is out alone.

In the past year the University has had a few cases dealing with minor sexual assaults. Campus safety has done their best to catch the culprit. “We have stepped up high visibility patrols in those areas on specific nights to make students more aware and be highly visible in case the bad guy is in the area,” said Banet.

Although  crime on the interior of campus is low, Banet tells students to, “stay away from alley ways even if the immediate perimeter of campus simply because we have several sexual assaults and aggravated assaults in the allies around campus in the last several years.”

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