The University of Denver’s Greek community welcomes new sorority

The University of Denver’s sororities voted to welcome a new sorority to campus. There is a general consensus among the members of the Greek community that the addition of a sorority, planned to join campus in the fall of 2014, is beneficial.

new bids

Two members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority prepare to welcome new members on “Bid day.”

“[The addition of a sorority] will just be good to expand our Greek life,” president of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority Marisa Maurer said. “We need more houses and this way the members of the Greek community can keep getting stronger on campus. I honestly don’t know if there are any cons. I guess that a new sorority will make rush more competitive but it is definitely for the best.”

According to Mauer, the application process for the sororities interested in joining DU’s campus is pretty intensive. Firstly, the five sororities currently on campus, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, and Delta Zeta, all voted on whether a new sorority should be allowed on campus.

After the sororities approved of the new chapter, the office of Student Life contacted numerous national organizations and told them that DU was looking to bring a new sorority on campus. If they were interested, the sorority sent in a packet of information on their organization.

A committee composed of Megan Pendley Pickett, the Director of Student Activities, members of the Student Life Office, the sorority presidents, as well as one additional member from each sorority then reviewed each packet and narrowed it down to four sororities: Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Alpha Gamma Delta.

The next step will be in-person presentations. Each of these four sororities will present to the committee on why their organization would be a good fit for DU. From these presentations, the committee will choose the sorority that will be invited to join the DU Greek life community.

Sophia Abdul-Saud, a DU sophomore and member of the Delta Gamma sorority, was initially hesitant about the addition of a sorority because of the increased competition however she realized the addition would be beneficial for Greek life as a whole.

“Although rush will be more competitive and membership lower, the sorority will expand Greek life and make a stronger Greek presence on campus,” Abdul-Saud said. “This addition is only good for Greek life.”

bid day

Members of different sororities head toward Sturm Hall to welcome new members.

Maurer also contemplated the increased competition when debating if she would support another sorority coming to campus.

“[A new sorority] means our pledge classes will be smaller but we will have more healthy competition,” Maurer said. “I’m really excited, I think it will make us step up our game.”

According to Pearce Olson, the Inter-Fraternity Council President and the Vice President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, members of fraternities also support the addition of a sorority.

“Overall an addition of a sorority to DU’s Greek community will have a great impact on all of our members,” Olson said. “What it comes down to is the more people we have in Greek life the more influence we have on campus culture and increases our power with the administration.”

Olson could not foresee any negative aspects regarding competition for the existing sororities.

“Concerning numbers, in the early years of the new sorority, the existing sororities on campus will see very little drop in numbers, because [girls going through rush] for the most part want a stable organization with a history nationally and on campus,” Olson said. “In the long run I also think that existing sororities will not feel any negative effects, because every sorority caters to a specific type of person.”

After the new sorority has established itself on campus, Olson believes competition will increase however this will only make the chapters stronger.

“Competition for rush in my mind is very good,” Olson said. “It gives a good indication of how loyal a potential member will be and what beliefs or preferences they have.”

According to Olson, sorority affairs do not directly impact fraternities however the fraternities will gladly welcome a new sorority.

“Fraternity boys like sorority girls, so the more the merrier,” Olson said.

Overall, the Greek community is widely in support of the addition of a new sorority. Members of the Greek community hope the new house will help expand Greek life, raise more money for philanthropies, increase the Greek GPA and encourage Greeks to get more involved in other facets of school.

“Growth in Greek life is everything,” Olson said. “More people equals more money which equals more power. But also it should diversify our community more, which is good in the eyes of administration.”


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    I was totally unaware that DU was going to be adding a new sorority so this was a really interesting article to read. I had so many questions after reading the headline and you were able to answer all of them in the story.I guess the only thing is that there aren’t any bold sub-headlines. Other than that I think this was a well written feature story.

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