Denver rugby headed to nationals

The slideshow consists of pictures taken of the DU’s Men Club Rugby team during their Pacific West Championship that took place April 6th and 7th at Infinity Park in Glendale. I mainly focused on the team celebrating because their win on Sunday meant they were now champions and headed to Nationals. I was trying to capture the joy and pride the team exuberated after their glorious wins. This win is a huge moment for DU Rugby and these photos are trying to express to the viewers what an accomplish winning the Pac West Championship is.

I want to tell the story of how proud the team was after their wins. I got the best shots when the team was all together celebrating and congratulating each other. I was not able to get that close to the field so getting action shots was difficult and that is why I decided to focus on the expression of the players during the celebration ceremony. The main focus of the slideshow is too show how these tough, buff, athletic boys were so emotional from their win that they were unafraid to show so much sensation and love to one another.  I think their expressions capture how truly proud they were of one another and how their love for a sport brought them together to achieve a true unbreakable bond.

Since I have no experience with action photography, I found it pretty difficult to capture the team in motion. Most of the pictures are during more still moments because a lot of the action photos came out pretty blurry. I also was up in the stands so it was difficult for me to get on the field or even all that close to the players. I chose to focus on their celebration because that was the only chance I was able to get really close to the players. I wish that I played a little more with my camera features such as the shutter speed and aperture because a lot of the photos turned out blurry.

The second day of shooting, I accidently forgot my memory card. I was so upset and had to resort to using my iPhone. This was such a disaster because the zooming on the iPhone compromises the quality of the photo but I was so far away that a lot of the pictures do not focus on a particular subject. I decided to not include a lot action shots because they are not of great quality and I think it hindered the overall quality of the slideshow. The weather also was not all that conducive to the situation since it rained for half of the game.

The slideshow focuses on the team celebrating their big win and that links to the issue story because the issue story was about their Pac West Championship win. Since most of the photos are of them celebrating and not of the game itself, I tried to focus the story on what their win meant. I wanted to focus, both on the issue story and slideshow, that winning the Pac West Championship is a very big deal. I think the expression of the players will show how much the game meant to them.

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