Balancing work with school

The slideshow consist of pictures taken of different University of Denver students who are employed and also are enrolled in school full-time.  I mainly focused on three students; Amber Swaim, Kinsey Knakkergaard, and Zac Debard.  This is because I interviewed these students for my previous story on  I chose to focus on DU students who are working because I wanted to show students who are paying off student loans that there are various ways in which they can utilize the University of Denver to obtain a job.

I wanted to illustrate how common it is for students to work a job, or two, to have a steady cash-flow into their bank accounts.  By highlighting students who worked both on and off-campus, I wanted to show students really how many opportunities there are to get a job around the University of Denver campus.  Also, I wanted to show the students that balancing a job and academics is completely plausible and normal, as my statistics dictate.

For my process, I went around the DU campus to where I know students work and took pictures of the students in the workplace.  I also photographed the buildings and resources of student employment in University Hall.  I found it somewhat difficult to photograph Amber at Glacier Ice Cream because I wanted to blend into the background and observe her at her job, but taking pictures of her while working did not put me in the background of the workplace.  Otherwise, I found it relatively easy to take photos of students where they work.  Everyone was very willing and accepting of me taking pictures of them and giving me their information.

This slideshow links up to my story “College students balance work with school” because this is the photographic counterpart of the students who I interviewed.  As I mentioned above, I interviewed Kinsey Knakkergaard and Zac Debard, who work on campus for the work-study scholarship they were granted.  I also photographed Amber at Glacier Ice Cream, who had given advice to students in my story on how to balance working with academics.  It also links up to the previous story because I mentioned how the student employment program here is a great tool to utilize, and I illustrated just how many resources that are available by the pictures of the student employment office.


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  • Kaitlyn Griffith
    Kaitlyn Griffith says:

    I really like the variety of subjects that you used. It’s clear that you put time into your topic and that you wanted to show the myriad of ways in which students can find employment on and off campus. I really liked the second picture, with the pipe-cleaners, they sort of mimicked the hair of the girl in the picture.

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