Facebook plays role in lives of college students, for better or for worse

This slideshow is a companion piece to my issue story on how Facebook functions within college students’ interpersonal relationships.   The story I was seeking to tell was the broader way in which Facebook is incorporated into the lives of many college students. My slideshow captured this through a wide variety of photos, from photos of the technology that enables Facebook users to connect online to pictures of the users themselves. The focus of the slideshow is the umbrella topic of Facebook and college students.

As a slightly more challenging topic to visualize, I wanted to capture Facebook as used within students’ lives and also students interacting with each other. I chose to photograph the subjects that I interviewed in a pose with which they were comfortable. Since Facebook is inherently linked to the technology used to access it, I chose to photograph the technology that it used to utilize Facebook, namely, computers, smartphones and tablets. Since in my issue story, my subjects talked about using Facebook to find events, I photographed flyers of events that were also on Facebook. I also chose to photograph some students interacting with each other without any technology present. I took several photos of each of these and chose the most interesting photos for my slideshow.

Taking multiple shots of the same subject was especially useful. What didn’t work was setting up posed shots – those felt very awkward, no matter how many pictures I chose to take. Instead, I would tell my subjects what I was looking for and let them pose or just take candid shots if they would allow me to do so. Taking candid shots is definitely something that I would do next time. From my pool of photos, I chose to include those that didn’t feel awkward or had distracting elements in the background. From this project, I learned that taking pictures that are interesting and engaging is a difficult and time-consuming process.

My slideshow uses several quotes from my Issue Story to link the two stories, and uses some of the topics discussed as subjects for the photos that I took. The photo project inspired me to view everything around me as a subject for my topic, and helped me try to make correlations between mundane subjects and an overarching topic such as that of Facebook and college students.

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  • Rachel Kamada
    Rachel Kamada says:

    This was a really interesting story. I personally liked that Facebook was the topic of this story because as a college student and Facebook user, I often like to hear how it affects other students. I realize that it was probably pretty hard to get ideas on what to photograph but I think it would have been interesting to show the people and then compare it to their Facebook profile page, that way you could have gotten more people in your pictures. Another thing is that your font changed half way through the slideshow and I found that to be a bit distracting. I really liked the statistics in the slideshow because it added some information. Maybe a statistic on how much time students average using Facebook would have been an interesting quote because it would have shown how Facebook is a con. Other than that I think this slideshow was really well done and nicely put together!

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