Life in the LEP and DSP

The topic of this slide show is the Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) and Disability Services Program. I wanted to try and show all the aspects of the LEP and DSP. I showed students using the tools they use like tutoring and advising. This shows how versatile and how LEP is used. The students use the tools to their advantage in many ways.
The LEP and DSP which is located on the fourth floor of Ruffatto Hall is also a place where students study. They either use the open spots of the building or have the help of LEP tutors. Many students use the tutors. The staff also is looking at making accessing certain parts of the departments easier by testing out a new website.
I chose to photograph students and staff in their natural habitat. I wanted to see what an average day is like in LEP and DSP. So I got tutors and counselors meeting with students. I wanted it to be very real and raw. I tried to take in a different angles and then picked the best shot I got.
I wish I did it a little earlier due to the snow it wasn’t as crowded as it usually is. Also with the snow made a lot of weird lighting. Thankfully most of my models were willing to let me take pictures. I learned to do shots over many days and will help me get more shots of many different events and people. Next time I will try and do it over many days.
This slideshow shows many of the things I wrote about in my issue article. I never really thought about all the tutors and counselors do. As an LEP student I think I under appreciate them. This showed how hard they work with each and every student they have. I and many other students now appreciate the staff and all they do.

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