DU students invest time, energy and money in practicing and teaching yoga

For my slideshow, I decided to broaden the topic of my issue story a little bit, in order to focus on more than just the yoga teacher certification process. I wanted to take more time to develop and introduce the topic of yoga than I did in my issue story. So, I provided more information, quotes, and quantitative statistics about the actual practice of yoga. I thought this was necessary in order to match thought provoking captions with pictures. Therefore, I delved more into the topic of yoga by providing demographics and statistics about how the practice of yoga is spreading, in order to adapt my issue story into its visual counterpart.

As for the story that I told, I organized the slideshow with an identifiable beginning, middle and end. I started with general background information on yoga, moved into statistics about teacher training and certification requirements, and ended with students who are certified and what they plan to do in the future. My intention was to convey how dedicated these DU students are to their passion of yoga. I thought this was a nice, logical progression. The foreshadowing at the end served as a suitable conclusion for the slideshow, much like it did in my issue story.

Since yoga is a form of physical exercise, I intended to gather as many action photos as possible. Therefore, many of my photos were taken during a yoga class that Steph Winsor, a DU student was teaching. I tried to take photos from as many angles as possible, and mix close ups with pictures taken from further away. I faced a serious challenge trying to take pictures of yoga classes. I wanted to follow Steph Winsor to a class at CorePower, but these sessions are closed, and I could have distracted the class by taking pictures. Therefore, I had to get creative, and so a few of my pictures were staged. I selected photos for my slideshow based upon the rule of thirds, interesting lines, and whether or not I filled the frame. In the future, I should take more pictures, so that I have a wider variety to choose from.

My slideshow links to my issue story because it includes the students, who I introduced in my issue story, that are either certified in yoga instruction, or training to achieve certification. These students are Steph Winsor, and Katie Elles. In the slideshow, however, I introduced another student, Sam Pihl, a freshman who is a certified yoga sculpt teacher. The photo project made me look at the issue story differently. During the picture taking process I fully came to appreciate how passionate students are about yoga. They are spiritually, physically, and emotionally invested in the practice. Therefore, I tried to capture as much emotion in my photos as possible.

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  • Hsing Tseng
    Hsing Tseng says:

    I liked how you varied the angles from which you took your photos. Some things that could be improved are better captions that relate more to your topic and keeping it consistent whether you want to use blank space for captions or white captions on the pictures themselves. Otherwise I think you did a good job.

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