Students for Justice in Palestine and the Native Student Alliance hold vigil

This slideshow is a documentation of the vigil held last week on Driscoll bridge by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Native Student Alliance for the Palestinian villages and Native American tribes destroyed by occupying forces. Through this slideshow, I sought to tell the story of student activists on DU’s campus that are active and visible currently. Student activism is frequently something discussed in past tense as a hallmark of student activity decades ago, but though this presentation, I hope to show that student activism is an integral part of daily life for many DU students.

The vigil was held in conjunction with Holocaust and Genocide Awareness week, a larger event that included other examples of student activism. Hopefully, through this presentation, student activism will be seen as a vibrant and engaging component of the college experience and a way in which students can get involved to make changes to the college status quo.

I chose to photograph the vigil because I thought it to be something out of the ordinary, something not frequently seen on campus as well as something that could add valuable nuance to the current understanding of student activity. This vigil celebrated cultural diversity while commemorating an poignant and significant part of both American and international history.

I found that being candid and capturing involvement with the vigil to be a bit difficult. Making myself effectively invisible and trying to capture sincere moments that people had with the display was made all the more challenging with a camera in my hand. Often I asked people to hold their position or continue to do what they were doing so I could photograph them. Next time, I think, I’ll need to work on subtlety and stealth when photographing.

My camera was also a bit of an issue. It worked just fine and I was able to get the pictures I wanted, but using a smart phone camera was creatively limiting. I think using a camera that could give me more freedom in taking a wider variety of pictures would be useful.

The photo slideshow uses the same overarching theme of student activism and student participation as my issue story. The slideshow helped me visualize the way in which the students I’m covering interact with each other as well as with the issues they’re passionate about. It allowed me to see my subjects as multi-faceted people, instead of as sources of quotes.

2 Responses to Students for Justice in Palestine and the Native Student Alliance hold vigil

  • Cassie Redlingshafer
    Cassie Redlingshafer says:

    I really liked your photos! I thought you had a nice variety and made the photos interesting by getting cool angles or using the light.

  • Megan Sehr
    Megan Sehr says:

    I thought your photographs were very creative. You experimented with some cool angles which added depth and interest to your shots. I also thought that your captions were informative while also describing what was happening in the photograph.

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