DU prepares to welcome new sorority

This slideshow highlights the five PanHellenic sororities on the University of Denver’s campus. Truly describing the sororities would take much more than a simple slideshow, therefore I aimed at educating the viewers on the basics of the five houses. My issue story discussed the new sorority that will be joining campus. Since there were no events directly relating to the process of a new sorority joining campus, I chose to highlight the existing sororities.  The photographs still relate to the story because they depict the existing sorority environment. Unfortunately, the photo project did not inspire me to look at the issue differently.

I originally attempted to photograph Greek Week events but that proved unsuccessful. The events I was able to attend occurred in Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall. The location was not conducive to my camera’s capabilities. The photographs turned out dark and unattractive.  Therefore, I decided to go to each house individually to take pictures of the members interacting. After this, I went to public places such as the library and dining halls to try to see sorority members wearing their letters around campus. Next time I might try to check out a nicer camera from the Journalism Department. In addition, I would try to capture a greater variety of photographs. The photos in my slideshow were chosen for many reasons. Firstly, I think the slideshow has a nice balance and even somewhat of a pattern. I also liked the angles and lighting in many of my photographs.

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  • Elizabeth Pinkerton
    Elizabeth Pinkerton says:

    Cassie, overall your slideshow was very effective. You took a lot of interesting pictures. There was a nice rhythm to your slideshow because you captured close ups, and pictures from further away. Also, you even were adventurous enough to take extreme close ups, and try out different angles. I appreciated that. Also, you did a solid job of matching the pictures with the comments. You got creative, by posing several pictures, but it definitely worked. In addition, since the powerpoint was about the introduction of a new sorority, I like how you gave the histories of the current chapters on DU’s campus. This set the stage in a nice way. You used nice quotes, and provided interesting statistics. The only criticism I have is that the conclusion doesn’t necessarily tie everything together. You do end with a quote though, which makes it work. Great job Cassie!

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