DU students shop on a budget.

I wanted to highlight the different ways that college students shop on a budget, and the choices available to students looking for affordable options.  This includes tips from the students themselves, statistics provided by various sources, and brief mentions of some of the various retailers available to college students (plus ways to take advantage of discounts and rewards programs).
For this process, I wish I had access to a better camera.  My point-and-shoot camera doesn’t handle movement very well, and many pictures turned about blurry.  This became a problem when I was shadowing Dienstbier and Scoggins, and I often missed great photo opportunities because the photographs were blurry.  I was also concerned about including brand names in my photographs, and I was unable to photograph in stores because it’s against their policy.  The photos I chose were based on quality.  I preferred photographs that seemed to catch individuals in more natural interactions.
Through this photo project, I realized I could have made my story much more focused.  It was difficult to put together a presentation that was so broad.  My topic seemed specific; however, after putting together this presentation, I realize that I could have narrowed my topic even further (shopping online, shopping in stores on a budget, etc.)

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  • Lauren Poore
    Lauren Poore says:

    I liked how you caught so many different aspects of shopping in this slideshow, whether it be window shopping, online shopping, or actually trying on clothes. The captions were very detailed and helped to explain the pictures more thoroughly. Also, I like how the people in your pictures usually had some sort of emotion on their faces, it made me connect with the pictures better.

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