Padres Unidos participates in North High School’s health awareness week

This slideshow contains an interview from a DU student, Molly Clarke. Clarke has been interning with Padres Unidos, a non profit, for the past 5 months. This slideshow tells the the viewer what the organization is and what she has been doing for them. North High School was having a health awareness week and so Padres Unidos participated in efforts to reach the Latino community at the high school. The photos in the slideshow contain pictures from the health awareness week, focusing on the Padres Unidos booth. I took pictures of the people who came up to the booth and tried to capture the interactions.

I decided to cover this topic because I know many DU students are looking for internships this time of the year. Clarke has been a friend of mine for awhile and I knew she had been an intern for most of the year. I wanted to let her share her story of what she does as an intern and what the non profit she works for does. It was also an interesting situation because Molly has to speak Spanish at her internship so I thought it would be interesting to show a non conventional internship. The slideshow is just her talking and pictures to go with it. In the beginning I decide to get the viewer familiar with the organization by having Clarke tell us about Padres Unidos and what she does for them. Then I spend the rest of the slideshow showing what was happening at the event.

It was pretty difficult to put together this story for many reasons. First off, I do not speak Spanish. I had no idea what the parents were asking or what the staff at Padres Unidos were saying. This meant that I could not interview the parents because they did not understand what I was asking. I also could not get any interviews at the event because there was so much background noise and so I ended up having to interview Molly at a different time. My inability to get interviews at the event, meant that I had to conduct the interview at a later time. Padres Unidos is also just a plain building with nothing going on inside so when I went to visit their actual location, there was nothing I could photograph. I decided to take photos of the event, and conduct an interview at a later time because it was really my only feasible option.

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