My story was about staying fit in college. I got a wide group of students to show all the ways that students can stay fit with working out and diet. I chose this subject because I think that with classes and hectic schedules students want to find the time to work out and stay fit but too often overlook the importance of it. Getting the interviews was really hard with many variables that made this an obstacle. For the photos I didn’t always use the person I interviewed in the slides to show the wide range of the people that work out.  The order of my photos was to really try and match up the audio with a relevant photo.  For instance when the person talked about soccer I had him kicking a soccer ball. I wanted the audio to stand for itself and thought that the interviews gave great insight so I didn’t use that much text.

I think that one thing I would do differently would be to take the photo and then ask the models because I found that that the models acted differently knowing there was a camera on them and didn’t help me get natural shots.  The most challenge thing was finding a swimmer that was comfortable with me taking pictures; that is why I only have the one picture of the pool rather than a swimmer. The limited number of college students made the opportunity for pictures very low. I tried to anticipate how to get some shots. I provided one of the interviewees with a soccer ball for the shots, knowing that it would allow me to get some action shots of him kicking the ball around.  I think when people are moving so much it’s hard to get the right angles or close ups because of the constant motion. Having experience with audio editing this wasn’t much of a problem. I knew how to edit flaws out, adjust volume and cut it correctly. I think I would get a wide range of people again giving a lot of diversity of ways people stay fit.

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