DU students have fun at the Big Event


This photo and audio slideshow covers some of the activities offered during DUPB’s Big Event.  I pulled students aside throughout the night to ask them what they were doing and to gauge their reactions of the event.  I had a lot of problems deciding on a topic to cover for this assignment, so I chose the Big Event because there was a lot of action to photograph and record.

With this slideshow, I wanted to capture the energy of the event and the students.  All of the audio was gathered at the event.  All of the music in the slideshow is a recording of the music that was on the speakers.  I did this so I could capture the sound of students singing along, laughing, and having a good time.  I was inspired by a video I viewed in class that used ambient noise as a part of the slideshow, and I wanted to mimic this with the music and singing students.  Interviews were conducted casually, and I even put in a couple of humorous interviews (such as Michael Griffin and the massage chair).  The students were having fun, so I didn’t mind if they had a little fun with the interview.

It was difficult to take photographs because students often wanted to pose and smile with their friends, and sometimes I had to tell them to look natural and resume their activities.  Although I had over 100 photographs (!), only a handful of them were of any quality.  I wanted to capture the energy and action (the motion and activities) of the event with the photos, but I found myself hindered by blurry pictures and poor lighting.  My point and shoot camera is touchy when it comes to focusing the lens, and this caused me some problems and forced me to use photos in my slideshow that weren’t my first choice for the slideshow.  While I was editing my slideshow, I discovered that I didn’t have enough pictures or I didn’t have good enough photographs of people I interviewed.  In the future, I would use a different camera to better my chances of capturing nice action shots (as well as stills).  My lack of photos really limited my project, and caused me to leave out some parts that could have added more material to the slideshow.

I tried to create a rhythm with my slideshow.  I have periods of longer interviews with greater focus on specific events mixed with short sound clips and photographs of students mingling around the event.  The slideshow is structured to move the viewer in the same way that students walked through and experienced the Big Event (students started with activities on Driscoll; moved to karaoke; etc).

The text in the slideshow serves to guide the viewer through various activities and to mention the name of individuals interviewed at the event.


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  • Kaitlyn Griffith
    Kaitlyn Griffith says:


    I thought you did a great job capturing the excitement at the Big Event. I also liked the fact that you interviewed quite a few students at various stages of the night. Overall, I think the slideshow highlighted the energy of the students there. However, as you mention in your description, some of the photos were less than ideal and when you faded out your audio, sometimes it was difficult to hear what your interviewee was saying. They’d sort of trail off and making out the last few words of the sentence was difficult.

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