DU’s Gamma Phi Beta sorority hosts annual philanthropy event, Spagammi

DU students enjoy their Spagammi pasta dinner.

DU students enjoy their Spagammi pasta dinner.

DU’s Theta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta hosted its annual philanthropy event, Spagammi, last Thursday. The event is an all you can eat spaghetti dinner, which raises funds for the sorority’s philanthropy, Girls on the Run.

“Spagammi is great because it brings people from all different groups within the DU community together to eat a lot of spaghetti, have a good time and raise money for a really good cause,” Gamma Phi Beta sophomore Molly Rogow said.

History of Spagammi

This is the ninth consecutive year Gamma Phi Beta has hosted Spagammi, which takes place at the sorority’s house, located a block off DU’s campus.

According to the president of Gamma Phi Beta, Marisa Maurer, the event is consistently successful.

“By the time all the [Greek life] chapters and other kids from campus come, we normally earn upwards of five grand,” Maurer said.

All of the members of Gamma Phi Beta help coordinate the event, under the direction of the philanthropy chairs and the sorority’s chef, Bob Hileman. Hileman has held the position for 12 years and witnessed the event’s growth.

“[Spagammi] keeps getting better and better and bigger and bigger every year,” Hileman said. “I coordinate the event, working with the women trying to give direction, and prepare the cookies. In the past, I’ve prepared all the food, but we don’t logistically have the space to pull that off anymore.”

Along with giving general direction, Hileman passes on personal tips to the women involved in DU’s School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management.

“The best part about this event is working with the women, especially the HRTMs to utilize my skills and show them the things I’ve learned over the past years to make this a successful event,” Hileman said.

Spagammi 2013

Tiffany Drapkin, a junior Gamma Phi Beta, sells tickets at the event.

Tiffany Drapkin, a junior Gamma Phi Beta, sells tickets at the event.

This year, Gamma Phi Beta’s Co-chairs Alana Dreimann and Caitlyn Shafner organized the entire event.

“Caitlyn and I worked really hard to organize everything,” Dreimann said. “This included designing the tickets, selling tickets, getting enough pasta, and deciding what flowers to use as centerpieces.”

Although Dreimann dedicated a lot of time and energy to planning the event, its success was well worth the effort.

“It’s just a really fun time,” Dreimann said. “We had music playing, outside seating and beautiful flowers. We raise a bunch of money and it was  really fun to be there with everyone. The work definitely paid off!”

This year, all of the funds were donated to Girls on the Run, a local organization dedicated to preparing young girls for a life of self-respect and healthy living.

“Girls on the Run is where girls can come in and train for a 5k run over a period of time,” Maurer said. “They have classes, and learn how to be confident, strong young women. It’s really cool that us as Gamma Phi’s get to go and cheer on the girls while they run.”

According to Maurer, the women of Gamma Phi Beta are always excited to host the event.

“[Spagammi] is always a great way to bring everyone together and I love that you see people from different places sitting next to each other having pasta,” Maurer said. “So I think it’s fun for everyone to have a chance to bond and sort of have a big dinner together.”


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