Delta Gamma has first exchange

DG's and SAE's compete in an intense laser tag game at Boondocks Fun Center

DG’s and SAE’s compete in an intense laser tag game at Boondocks Fun Center.

This past weekend DU’s Delta Gamma sorority had their first exchange with a fraternity in 2 and a half years. The exchange took place at Boondocks Family Fun center in North Denver.

Since 2012, Delta Gamma has been on a probationary status with their national executive offices. This status, called ‘report to council’, prevented them from having many of the social events members of Greek life typically enjoy. No longer under report to council, Delta Gamma is excited to start hosting these social events they have been missing out on. 

In hot water

After an older member hosted a party to celebrate Bid Day in 2012, the sorority self-reported the incident because it was in violation of the sororities’ values. This, as well as several previous events, led to the national offices placing the chapter under report to council.

“Report to council was a means of saying ‘get it together or you are done on campus’,” Delta Gamma president Audrey Helbing said. “It meant that we worked closer with the executive offices. All events and date parties had to be reported and approved by the council so it was a lot more communication with them and a lot more time to get everything approved.”

The report to council status prevented Delta Gamma from having events sororities typically enjoy like exchange parties with fraternities and formal date parties. Report to council prohibited events at venues that served alcohol, which limited the amount of fraternities that were willing to have events. “Because we were under such a big microscope, it prevented a lot events from happening, which I think that frustrated a lot of girls because it was things that were out of their control,” Helbing said.

Moral boost

This past January, Delta Gamma was removed from report to council. “Overall they were looking for a pattern of improvement and a lasting legacy of the girls we were recruiting,” Helbing said. “They wanted to make sure we were putting the sorority in good hands with the class below us and the class below them, so they just wanted to see that pattern before anything else could happen.”

Now the sorority can have the social events and formals they have been dreaming of. “It’s really exciting because this is the first time in two years I will be able to experience the social aspect of being a part of a sorority,” Junior Carly Renaud said. “The social events were a huge part of why I wanted to join DG.”

Tasha Pawlak, Delta Gamma’s director of social events, had the feat of planning the perfect first exchange for the sorority. The junior and senior members had been waiting most of their college carriers for social events like this one; Pawlak, a freshman, had the added pressure of meeting their high hopes.

“The biggest challenge of all was not having any precedent. I didn’t have any past event with alcohol documents to guide me, since no one here even remembers what it was like back when we were allowed to have events with alcohol,” Pawlak said.

Pawlak and her planning team decided on Boondocks because of all the activities the venue offered including laser tag, bumper boats, go carts and mini golf. “Finding a venue that had fun things to do and was also in our budget proved to be very challenging,” Pawlak said. “But we ended up getting a great deal and everyone had a fun time!”

Students play an intense and wet game of bumper boats.

Students play an intense and wet game of bumper boats.

The exchange with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity had a ‘what are you going to be in 10 years?’ theme. Nurses, priests, lawyers, cat ladies and soccer moms enjoyed getting competitive at laser tag and splashing around in the bumper boats. Members celebrated their chapter’s improvement with many of their closest friends over pizza, and for those of age, beer.

This spring, the sorority will also be hosting their first formal date party. “The past few years, we’ve just had to watch the other sororities get to dress up for their formals,” Renaud said. “I’m really excited to be able to have our own!”

“We are in the process of planning formal, which is definitely the main reason why getting off report to council is such a big deal to the chapter,” Pawlak said.

“I know for all the girls we have now, it wasn’t really not being able to have events with alcohol, it was wanting to stop feeling like they were being punished for things that happened before our time,” Helbing said. “Formal is going to be an amazing reward for the girls who have stuck with DG.”

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