University of Denver seniors and the ticking graduation time bomb

Imagine DU: Creating Our Future Together

Imagine DU: Creating Our Future Together

The question is everywhere. It is an inevitable, haunting, yet exciting annoyance for students approaching gradaution.  Come this fall, about 1,500 University of Denver seniors will be entering a new life chapter. And so many of us ask them, “what will you do after graduation?”

Graduation and “the question” should not mean that it is time for panic. Post-college is a special time for opportunity and self-discovery.

As there are many post graduation paths, most DU students are on a serious job hunt the duration of their senior year. “Most of my friends are either planning on higher education or have been actively looking for jobs all of senior year. The majority of my roomates have set up jobs for June. This adds pressure, but it’s an exciting kind of pressure,” says Sid Warsinske, senior marketing major.

Job hunts and the Career Center

Looking for jobs can be stressful and overwhelming. For students needing further assistance in post graduation plans, the DU Career Center is a great place to turn.

The Career Center offers counseling, workshops, resume help, interview preparation, and more. Located right on Driscoll bridge, the center is a convenient and great resource for all University of Denver students.

“When students come in, the purpose of my job and other counselors at the Career Center is to come up with job ideas and plans based on both intern and job experience. What’s also important is to assist in helping students translate their majors into jobs,” says Jeremiah Rex. This kind of guidance makes a huge impact on the success of DU students and continues to be a busy and active resource on campus.


The Career Center at DU


DU heavily emphasizes the importance of internships in preparation for post graduation life. The career center, professors and job fairs are all very helpful in guiding students to finding internships.

Interships are the best way to determine interest in a specific field as well as gain job experience. Ultimately, internships can lead to higher positions post graduation if a student is so lucky.

“John Haag in the Career Center helped me land my most recent internship, he’s been instrumental in creating the perfect resume, fine tuning my interview skills and being a great support system,” says international business major, Morgan Thomas.

A DU education

The everlasting impact of a DU education is important to prospective, current and graduate students. The measure of a good education is not only told by employment, but also the overall feel a student has about his or her college experience.

But, graduating from DU has it’s perks.

“I think DU Students are at an advantage for finding jobs. Especially compared to other schools in Colorado. A lot of businesses in Denver recognize DU as an elite and prestigious school,” says career counselor Jeremiah Rex.

Students also recognize the ‘leg up’ that a DU education may give. “I feel overall very prepared from my time here at DU..I guess by a class basis some could have been more beneficial, but Daniels as a whole is a great school and was a great path for me,” says Sid Warsinske.

DU holds career fairs and workshops that students should definitely take advantage of for their job searchs. Companies around Colorado know the most dedicated and hard working students come from DU.


The advantages of attending such a prestigious school has it’s benefits, and it shows. DU students are a head of the game. According to the ‘2013 DU Undergraduate Report’:

-96.4% of DU grads are employed or in grad school six months after graduation
-79.2% of students said it took them 6 months or less to find a job
-15% said they had internships that turned into jobs

DU’s lasting effect
DU is a nurturing and small community for students. Because of the tight knit “DU bubble,” graduating and moving forward can be difficult. After four years of being surrounded by friends, hockey games, Greek events, and constant classes, this all comes to a halt.

“I am terrified to graduate, DU is such a close community.. and the minute you graduate it’s all gone. It’ll be fun to try something new, but I’ll miss DU and being a big fish in a small pond,” says Sid Warwinske.

Whether it’s landing a dream job in Denver, moving on to higher education or packing up to work in a new city, DU seniors are eager and prepared for the future ahead.

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  • Mackenzie Dykes
    Mackenzie Dykes says:

    I really liked your use of statistics! I would have liked to read about internships and jobs students have actually gotten – could be a good idea for a future article.

  • Kaylee Lino
    Kaylee Lino says:

    Yeah, alike Mackenzie I would want to read about jobs/successes students will be moving on to. The statistics are good for supporting your story however! The quotes also not only support the story, but the support that DU staff has for students after graduation.

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