Seniors and the graduation time bomb

My slideshow continues on the topic of what seniors will be doing post graduation. I wanted to emphasize how well the University of Denver prepares students for the future. In the process, I was pleased to find such positive feedback from students. Most seniors reported that they feel their DU education has been valuable and prepared them for careers and plans ahead. I wanted to tell a story throughout the slideshow of different opportunities and advice for seniors come graduation in the spring.

I chose to photograph seniors that I interviewed and popular places to study, work and relevant photos to graduating college. My topic allowed a bit of freedom in the photography. I was able to be creative in what I felt were important images and themes to portray. For example, I thought capturing seniors and buildings around campus was important to show that the people are still in student mode and are gearing up for graduation.

I have little photography background, so I struggled with trying to be creative in choosing unique angles, colors, etc. I think next time I will try to borrow a friend’s camera with better quality. My iPhone 5 seemed to lack good quality, which could have improved my photos. I did learn that shooting from different angles and many different times is important. I think my photo on slide ten is my favorite. I bent down and tried to capture the “University of Denver” sign from below. The late afternoon time of day also made for pretty coloring and definition.

The slideshow links to my story and continues on seeing what DU seniors are doing after graduation. As a junior, I am definitely thinking about my post college plans as well. Doing both the story and the photo project has inspired me to ask even more seniors what they are doing. Landing a job is all about connections and it is interesting to hear about how seniors are doing so. Also, I learned how helpful the career center can be as a resource on campus. I also realized that not every senior is looking for a job right away. Many are going onto further education, traveling, or have other respectable plans.








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  • Julie Brunette
    Julie Brunette says:

    You had a wide variety of photographs which kept your slideshow visually interesting in addition to it being quite informative. I like how many of your shots had people in them, and how the ones that did not were still relevant and taken from interesting angles. Definitely gave me a little bit of anxiety for graduating next year, though!

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