Women outnumber men in MFJS

Written Reflection

          The power point assignment that built off of our Issue Story #1 was satisfying and even a little fun to make. It was rewarding to go around campus and peek a little bit more into the lives of the community of the University of Denver. I was very interested in convering the topic of the representation of women in the media studies department at DU because as I have gotten into higher level classes in my major, I have noticed more and more that my classes are overwhelmingly made up of females. This was remarkable to me not just in the fact itself, but because I never really saw journalism as one of the programs that is known for attracting females more than males. I am also taking a class (in the MFJS department) that focuses on gender relations especially in different industries. We just finished an introduction to feminism, which I think is what got me thinking about the disparity in general. I thought that this would be a unique and relevant topic to cover because it is very apparent but it is not talked about very much.

My slideshow consisted of photos from everywhere around campus, starting with a long angle shot of the Gold Tower of the Ritchie Center as I rode my bike to school across I-25. This shot served well with my introduction because I needed to acclimate my audience with the setting of the University of Denver and start off with a couple general statements. The next photo I chose was a picture I took during my Gender, Culture and Global Communications class of Margie Thompson, the professor, lecturing to a group of females. This is a medium angle shot and only has three of the women in the class in it, but I wanted to capture more of a close up of Professor Thompson speaking because in the caption I mention her class specifically. My next picture is a more wide angle shot of Margie Thompson’s class, with a long row of females sitting in a classroom in the Mass Communications building. I added a quote in the caption to bring home the point of many females in classes, as pictured. The following photo was a product of coincidence, that I happened to be writing this piece about the media and one day I saw a Fox 31 News truck parked outside the Ritche Center. I seized the opportunity to capture an image of media in the world beyond DU and captioned it with a comment about the lack of women in media in general.

In my article, I talk a lot about the DU Clarion and how it seems to land somewhere in the middle of the majority of women in MFJS classes and the lack of women in the media. I put a section in the middle of the presentation that highlights the Clarion a little bit, showing the outside of the office and a couple different groups of editors on a production night. The flyer for the Clarion was new this quarter so I used it as an eye-catching image to show the newspaper. A front-page close-up of the Clarion comes next, with a paraphrase of a quote from the Editor-in-Chief from my interview with him. Connor’s interview was extremely helpful and gave me a lot of good insight to write my article. I mention a couple of interviews and some research that reference the higher number of males in the Daniels School of Business. This picture I had to take a few different shots of because I wanted a good picture of the Daniels Business sign to create a reference point, and a man walking into the school. In the caption I talked a little bit about why men seem to tend toward the business school more.

To wrap up my slideshow, I wanted to make a comment about the dedication of students at DU in general to their education. The University of Denver is known for its high level of academic achievement and the intensity with which its students take their studies. Many of my professors over the course of my time here have commented on how seriously DU students take their college studies, so I wanted to showcase that a little bit. I took a long angle shot of some students at the library. I liked this shot in particular because of the angle and the contrast of colors that I got at the library, with the great light coming in from the windows. I ended the power point with a close up shot of the Mass Communications building sign and a quote from Connor that I thought served as a great conclusion in my story. He talks about pursuing a field that he loves, no matter whether there are more men or women represented in it.

I have done some photography before and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately my regular camera is broken right now so I shot everything on my iPhone 5 but I really like the VCSO app camera so I used that and with just a couple small edits to each photo on exposure, contrast and saturation I came out with some good shots. I tried specifically to capture interesting and a wide variety of angles. It seemed like some people struggled with getting shots with people in them but between photographing classes, people around campus and the Clarion meetings I did not struggle with that. What I enjoyed the most about taking photographs was finding new subjects and unique ways to capture them.

My photo project was fairly easy to line up with my first Issue Story because I had a lot of opportunities and ideas for pictures. Overall, it helped me to see a story that I would not have necessarily thought of as aphoto heavy story in a new light—which is the point of multimedia journalism.





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