DU’s efforts towards making a sustainable campus

This slideshow, is a continuation of my issue story on a large-scale solar project a DU student is spearheading. Solar energy is a viable solution to high-energy cost and unsustainable ways of generating electricity. DU has implemented some strategies to increase sustainability, like the water bottle filling stations, recycling bins, and solar panels on the bike stations, but nothing has been done on a large scale. The $1.7 million project that is being executed by various DU students is the first of its kind.

Having a percentage of our energy cost, offset by these solar panels, is not only a good thing for the environment, but also the schools image. We are a school that receives three-hundred days of sunshine, and would be foolish not to take advantage of this. Especially living on a planet where our resources are depleting, animals are becoming extinct, and the climate is changing, we need to do everything we can to increase the longevity of it; Or else future generations will not be able to sustain life.

The photos I took and then selected for the PowerPoint, range from on campus to off campus locations. They consist of photos of solar panels, as well as the sunlight we receive. I wanted to include photos of solar panels, so people could see how they aren’t obtrusive to the eye, and in many cases appealing. Photos of the water bottle filling station, as well as the solar charged bike station were included, to show how DU is completely off board when it comes to sustainability. I also included photos of unsustainable things happening around the DU campus like using three propane tanks for one grill!

What worked best for me when taking photos, was allowing myslef a whole day. This way, you can capture photos when the sun is in different locations, giving the photos different lighting. A lot of my photos were disregarded because of bad lighting. Coming out either over exposed, too dark, or not able to focus since there is no light. Even editing some of these photos, would not result in the final photo I was hoping for. Next time, I would come back to the same location at different times during the day to see the different options for the same photo. I chose to include the photos I did, because they show a good range of DU’s sustainability efforts, solar energy, and Colorado as a good location for this project.

The slideshow links up to my first issue story in a couple ways. My first issue story was on how this solar project could rebrand the image of DU, and help them become a pioneer in the sustainability movement across all Universities. It touches on the importance of sustainability and solar energy as well as the benefits. My slide show goes over solar panels, and how they are placed, and their aesthetics. It also shows how much sun we get in Colorado as well as on campus. For this reason I included photos around campus and in different locations in Colorado. Overall, this slideshow did not make me view my issue story any different.

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  • Lucy Constantino
    Lucy Constantino says:

    Good job, Joey! I think it’s so cool that a DU student is heading this sustainability project and had no idea that was even a thing going on at campus. I also didn’t know that the law school had a “sun light” and I liked that picture because you could also see the rest of Denver in the background. I also liked the shot you got in the mountains because of the striking contrast between the sky and the ground. I liked your idea of going back to the same spot at different times of the day to see what it would be like to photograph it; I hadn’t really thought about that. Nice work and good luck to your friend Kyle!

  • Morgan Murphy
    Morgan Murphy says:

    Along with Lucy I also had no idea that DU was running this project! that is so awesome! Your use of pictures are really good. There is a good mixture of things to look at. I think the one thing you could possibly work a little more on is lighting in your pictures. I know bad days are hard to work around. Everything else looks good! Good job!

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