DU Ritchie Center struggles to support growing number of gym-attendees



This slideshow contains images of the University of Denver’s Ritchie Fitness Center. The issue being dealt with here includes that fact that the Ritchie Center is getting smaller and less able to support the gym attendees as time goes by and the student population grows. This directly refers to my online story posted on dailycollegelife.com. Every year the DU population of students rises as admissions over-admits more students to the freshman year class. The issue at hand is the Ritchie Center and all of its facilities are not growing as the population at and around DU is growing. The gym becomes very crowded and facilities become inaccessible to students as both school, and public functions reserve them.

The overall story being told is that the University of Denver should be working to make the facilities they provide for students, and that students pay for, accessible. Accessible in an easy manner to student groups, club sports teams and organizations. Many students feel that the athletic facilities are reserved and primarily meant for the D1 sports teams at the university. Therefore, club sports teams, for example the figure skating club team, do not have easy access to the nice ice arena DU has on campus, Magnus Arena, along with other student organizations that would like to use some spaces as well.

The motive of the pictures present in the slideshow, are to not only show how the gym can get rather busy, but to inform the audience. The pictures are meant to display what types of machinery and technology is available to students, and what facilities are available and often reserved for months on end. Therefore I chose to take pictures of equipment, facility space, visuals of the building, and gym attendees working out.

What I would like to do next time is to attempt more creative shots. Some pictures may seem a bit straightforward and bland, other than having nice scenery or angles. The project overall influenced me to try harder to focus on the issue itself and capture that more on film rather than the topic of the Ritchie Center itself. Therefore, I reflect and wish I tried to take more pictures of how hectic the gym can get at certain times of the day.

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  • Lucy Constantino
    Lucy Constantino says:

    Nice work, Kaylee! I never realized that limited facilities and equipment were issues at DU (because I never go to the gym haha), which sucks because the stuff at the gym is so nice! I really liked your outdoor shots of the Ciber Field and of the indoor swimming pool–they all have nice depths of field and the colors are striking as well. I think you did a nice job getting pictures for your slide show; it’s hard to get creative shots of people working out because they probably feel all gross. You did great!

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