Experiences ≠ expenses: how DU students save with student discounts

My slideshow explores the many ways that college students can save money with student discounts. The article I wrote with regards to this topic largely dealt with the same topic, but at a national level. I tried to then give my slideshow a more local focus, dealing with savings students can find around the university and around the state. I chose to photograph establishments that offered student discounts, as well as students enjoying their savings. Money and budgeting can be a fairly uninteresting and bland subject, so I tried to have my photos make it a bit more interesting. I thought that if students could visualize what student discounts look like (i.e. horseback riding in Estes Park, watching a Colorado Rockies game), they would be more likely to seek out discounts in the future.

I realized early on that discounts are hard to photograph. Very few places physically advertise for student discounts, limiting what I could take pictures of, similarly I had a harder time photographing people taking advantage of student discounts than I expected. I had planned on photographing my surroundings every time I ventured away from campus, however in the span of this project I didn’t go out as much as I expected. In a way this was a good realization for myself, knowing that I wasn’t spending as much money going out as I thought I did. On the other hand I realized how I too could capitalize more on the student discounts I write about in my article.

2 Responses to Experiences ≠ expenses: how DU students save with student discounts

  • Danielle Ivanovich says:

    Izzie- I find this piece incredibly informative and effective at relaying your issue previously presented in the issue story. It is certainly difficult to photograph students when the issue is more importantly the discounts received and I believe you used the appropriate amount of photos in proportion. Great job!

  • Morgan Murphy
    Morgan Murphy says:

    You did a really good job finding pictures for this topic! It was a very hard topic to find pictures for but you did quite a good job looking locally. The discounts are definitely something I will look into in the future! Good work pairing your story with the pictures as well. Great job!

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